Monday, 7 December 2009

bottega veneta spring 2010 tie-dye henley

the winter sale hasn't officially commenced, but a few of the new season spring 2010 items have began trickling into stores. high on my wishlist, is this bottega veneta tie-dye top, which i love right from the minute it appeared on the runway.

tie-dye is often associated with tacky 80's psychedelic homemade prints. there's nothing tacky about this top. these days, i ask myself: if it wasn't for the label, would i still wear/buy it? yes i would gladly wear this top, bottega veneta or not.

tie-dye doesn't come affordable at bottega veneta. this highly coveted linen top retails for £475, available from

*heart sinks*



  1. Those who can't afford it shouldn't worry. My heart sunk too. Zara or H&M will probably make something similar to this as they always take runway looks and make it affordable and sometimes even better than the inspired pieces.Or heck make tye dye yourselves. We use to do this in elementary (grade 4). Its pretty fun and after you can call yourself a designer (a t-shirt designer I mean).

  2. When I think of "tie-dye," I picture, neon green, bright pink, yellow and blue.. it makes me cringes.. But this henley right here is totally different. I would wear it too....if I could afford it!

  3. I agree with you that tie dye is beautifully made. I acutally try it on during the trunk show 1 month ago in Irvine, CA. Very soft, and not that wrinkly for linean. The rest of the tie dye in the collection(green cardigan, red tie dye shirt) are amazing. beans & rice for me in the next couple months:)

  4. ive always personally found henleys to be ugly because i never understood the need for the buttons, but looking at the way this model is wearing it... it just seems amazing for more fit / athletic guys with great chests. i approve!

  5. BV's past 2 or 3 collections have been boring, but this upcoming S/S 2010 collection is AMAZING. The tie-dye is a must have. I already picked up the tie-dye scarf and am waiting for the tie-dye Cabat. This henley was also on my list of wants. BTW, the jewelry pieces are interesting, too.

  6. I agree with uclaboi, the SS2010 is the best collection so far. Can someone tell me if the new items have already arrived in LA? I also like the jewellery. This is the first time BV did so many jewellry for men. I also saw H&M SS2010 and some looks are "inspired" by BV, especially the tie dye scarf.

  7. Ouaou!!! It is a super beautiful T-shirt.
    I like the dye and the appearance final.
    I hope that H&M and zara shall quickly inspire.
    In the pleasure to read to you.

  8. Oh yes, delighted to see this superb collection hitting the rails. (Actually can something this exclusive hit rails, or does is just glide down gently?)
    The colours and tie dye effects right through the collection are very strong. Check out the combat inspired outer wear, and the deep aubergine cottons and leathers.

    BTW where did you get the catwalk shot, it is excellent?

  9. elf_sd - Yes! Items are arriving really early this year. The jewelry line is already in the Costa Mesa store. I picked up my scarf yesterday.

  10. Thanks uclaboi! I need to stop by this week. I heard they will move all menswear to Beverly Hills. I will definately check out the scarf! Good choice!

  11. forget the henley, how do i get those legs!

    (edit: how do i get that body) :)


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