Tuesday, 29 December 2009

brioni wool coat with mink collar

created from a rare species of mink, brioni’s sheer mink lined coat with distinctive stardust collar is renowned for its coveted ‘frost effect’ fur, which is completely natural and varies between each animal and each seasonal mutation. the outside of the coat is made from a superior ‘super 200’s wool’, again sourced from a very rare batch of wool containing 13 microns that combine with the mink to produce the softest coat for effortless winter luxury.

brioni's tagline is "to be one of a kind". they certainly did. the coat is available exclusively at harrods in the UK, retailing for £18,000.

getting hotelier andre balázs to star in their campaign is a great move, it's believable. and according to the financial times, a certain goldman sachs executive has one. i am so staking outside goldmans to take a pic of the exquisite coat and the proud owner.



  1. werent GS one of the bail out companies.....??

  2. This is absolutely repulsive, unfashionable and tacky. Can't believe that you think otherwise: take a step back and look again!

    Mink are wild solitary animals, whose life on fur farms is reduced by the farmer to a walking fur coat. Fur farms totally suppress any natural behavioural instincts of the mink, resulting in self-mutilation, cannibalism and psychotic behaviour.

    They should not be murdered to be made into an ugly coat for rich hoteliers.

    Shame on you for promoting this shallow trade without a thought for for welfare and rights of the animals.

  3. i think its lush and absolutely divine.

  4. I agree. The fact that its a rare species of mink makes me feel a bit sick. I love fashion and have a Lanvin/Balenciaga addiction and of course your blog's intelligence is miles above the rest but i cannot accept the desire for fur.

  5. To Anon 2- Why does the rareness of the mink have any impact on your principles? Surely the life of one animal is just as precious as another regardless of how recherché its species may be.

    My personal opinion (not judging Anon 1 or 2) is that people who opine against the fur trade should get off their high horses until they are vegetarian, own no pieces of clothing or footwear that are derived from pieces of animal and who actively protect or at the very least donate to protect these animals.

    Oh and the coat is sumptuous!

  6. Sorry I meant to question Anon 3 (29th December 12:21) not Anon 2.

  7. i love it, unfortunately i dont thik i have the maturity to pull it off..

    i love how ppl comment on hating fur, but they don't mind eating animals or wearing leather..

  8. I'm not crazy about it.. I think fur on men often looks a bit odd, and the price is mad. Think how much Lanvin (which would look better anyway) you could get for 18k..!

  9. You are confusing "rare" with " endangered"

    Mink naturally come in one colour.. Brown...

    through breeding, fur farms have produced many different shades.. this is a rare shade as it's most likely a fluke or a mutation... you do not get that color mink in the wild!


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