Friday, 4 December 2009

christmas wishlists/ideas 03: marni x laduree macaroons

are those gold colored macaroons, or macaroons covered in gold flakes?? who would resist such a lovely present? instead of the usual chocolates, how about a box of marni x laduree macaroons?

gosh i want 00o00ne of those!



  1. Are these lovely's available in the US?

  2. Any idea if there are available from the Laduree store in Burlington Arcade?

  3. blakey: you work at savile row, right next to burlington arcade!!

    can you find out for me please hehe!

  4. I don't mean to be a bitch, but...

    those arn't macaroons, they're macarons.

    macarons are the french pastry, made of egg whites and and icing.

    macaroons are pastries made of coconut.

    it's a common mistake.


    laduree calls them "macaroons", despite it being "macarons" on the web address...

  6. they will be available from the 17th of december in the Harrod's Laduree.
    there's actually a waiting list so you have to call 48 hours before :p
    can't wait to put my lovely hands on one of them


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