Monday, 7 December 2009

christmas wishlists/ideas 05: cire trudon candles

my friend cooked me a really nice cottage pie yesterday. while lounging around, i noticed she had a few scented candles lighted. i asked if she's into scented candles, her reply was "very much". hey that makes my christmas shopping task easier!

i've been using my cire trudon candle for a while now. it's a luxury to light them up, and a real treat for someone to receive it as a present too. the glass is hand made in italy, so no two pieces are alike. the label at the front is made by the same people who makes moët et chandon champagne labels, the wax is paraffin free yada yada.

if they count marie antoinette as one of their clients, surely it's good enough for us mere mortals. my personal favourite is "ernesto", a very deep leather and woody scent. i highly recommend "revolution" as a gift. it smells of freshly baked bread, bliss. or the limited edition "nazareth", only 100 of these available, launched recently for christmas, and a portion of the proceeds go towards protection of bees.

available at, or via



  1. I have an Ernesto candle as well... as you say it is a luxury to light up !!

  2. Oh thats quite a good idea! I've been raking my head for present ideas for a birthday this week...I might take up your suggestion of the 'revolution' candle. Even better is that the recipient is French too hehe.


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