Wednesday, 23 December 2009

daniel merriweather in dries van noten fall winter 2009

i look back at my previous posts, and do agree that i've been featuring celebs quite often these days. it's not exactly the direction i want to take, but it's the end of the year, things are moving slowly, there's not much news going, and i get easily excited when i see a piece on the red carpet which i recognise. most guys attend such events in a box standard black suit, a patterned bow tie if we are lucky. i thought of giving a bit of recognition and encouragement to those who are slightly adventurous.

still, trashy is not what i want this blog to be. so i'll cut back, fight the unbearable urge to blurt out what people are wearing, and only feature clothes on celebs which hands on heart, i really like, clothes that are interesting and worth a para or two.

i saw pics of daniel merriweather last week at elton john's charity bash, and i just can't recall where i've seen that jacket from. i love that zig zag pattern, but don't really like the rolled up sleeves. i really like that jacket, and i embarked on a mission to track it down.

daniel's jacket is from dries van noten fall winter 2009. it was one of my favourite collections of the season. i love the whole mood and styling, very surprised to not see pieces from this collection on the red carpet more often.

in theory, the zig zag details shouldn't work with the striped shirt, but everything seemed to blend in harmony. i think the precise amount of cuff showing, complimented the stripes in the middle. i really like the jacket and styling on the runway.

the jacket is currently on sale at for £336. quite naturally, there's none in my size.

ok less celebs posting from now. someone better not turn up in balenciaga tomorrow...

source: getty images


  1. it's your blog and you should blog whatever you want. I don't mind seeing celebrity post. They are still fashion and i still get enjoyment reading them

  2. The pants (jeans) that he's wearing are terrible

  3. Kudos to pairing the blazer with a simple white shirt and a bowtie.

  4. I really like your celebrity posts, specially because or the only blog i know (and i do read a full load of them lol) that does this kind of post with menswear!

    luvs it :)


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