Thursday, 3 December 2009

dev patel in puma rudolf dassler sneakers

yesterday, dev patel and freida pinto were spotted out and about in london. the slum dog millionaire actor wore an interesting pair of sneakers, with block colors on the side, and a suede panel on the back.

i really like the sneakers. i thought these could be a very good alternative to those from lanvin, pierre hardy, raf simons etc. not that i don't like any of those, but price wise, the puma rudolf dassler sneakers win hands down.

the sneakers is available from for £100, or for £143.44. yes i kid you not, that's the price difference, and both are full retail price. that's the difference between shopping from UK GBP based, and italian euros based retailers. that's a 43% savings if one shops around wisely...

& come on stirling, buck up!



  1. haha well if they are good enough for him then they are good enough for us. Cool blog!

  2. they are very comfy... i got one from past season with a different color scheme, still in a very good condition... here's the picture..

  3. hi...i think u hv mistaken?
    shld be Euro leh, not Pound.
    so, the price shld be similar to
    that of asos

    u better double check again? haha

  4. Both are in GBP.

    Even if it is in euros, the exchange rate isn't 1.43.

  5. I like those! Light blue&grey always look great together

  6. Thank you for this post OOoOO!
    I bought them after i saw this post!
    They ROCK!


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