Friday, 4 December 2009

gucci icon sneakers - miami

the gucci icon temporary / flash store in nyc has closed, and now moved to miami to coincide with art basel. mark ronson designed the above sneakers, which will be exclusive to the miami pop up store.

when i was young, people said not to pair blue and yellow together. as i get older, people said to me there are no rules in fashion. i don't know about rules, but i find the sneakers aesthetically pleasing, and is something i would gladly wear, gucci or not.

i like the sneakers, am really looking forward to london's pop up store, which will open in march 2010, presumably to coincide with london fashion week.




  1. speaking of gucci interesting article on tom ford

  2. mhmm LFW is Friday 19th - Wednesday 24th February 2010...but it is bound to coincide with it, i'm sure...

  3. these are killer sneakers. but recent trends in my personal style make me crave leather dressy shoes much more than any sneaker.

    one criticism about this pair is that they look as if your foot was 2x longer than it really is. the distance between the toe and where the laces end is just too far

  4. Does any one know where I can get the blue ones from


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