Friday, 4 December 2009

julien macdonald in anthony price x topman jacket

fashion designer julien macdonald attended the fortnum & mason christmas party in a topman x anthony price military jacket. the designer signed a christmas cake, which i assume was to be sold/auctioned off with proceeds going towards cancer research uk.

i've previously tried on the jacket, which also comes in red with gold braiding, and green with black braiding. i guess the jacket is proving to be rather popular, as it is no longer available on their website.

does julien look good in the black jacket?
source: getty images



  1. We have that black one here in Topman singapore! It's quite pricey at over SGD$300. Quite a nice piece, I must say.

  2. No, this is a fashion disaster for him. This military jacket was meant for young and skinny boys. Plus he should dress according to his age. Now he totally damage the impression of the jacket.


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