Tuesday, 8 December 2009

loewe spring summer 2010

i found the perfect leather jacket, and i don't say this lightly. i always thought my ideal leather jacket would be really slim fitting, biker style, made from napa leather. i didn't think a leather jacket could look and feel luxurious. until i met the jacket of my dreams from spanish luxury label, loewe.

words cannot describe just how amazing that jacket felt. if i can only have one leather jacket, and to be honest guys really only need one good leather jacket, this is the one for me.

now where do i sign??

meanwhile, on the same color pallette, i found what could be, the perfect bag. suede in military green, with a shoulder strap, perfect size. this really is the one. simple things made in bare basic designs, in luxurious materials is just, for lack of better words, a luxury.

seriously now, we need loewe menswear and accessories in london! i need to go to paris soon, so i can visit the loewe store there.



  1. that is a beautiful color for a jacket!
    and i know your focusing on the bag in the 2nd photo, but i like the jacket in that photo too. haha

  2. hey, great blog! glad i found it :)

    those are great leather jackets. stylish and looking comfy at the same time. i love the loafers in the final pic too. sooo italian-chic!

  3. Madrid store, is greaaat, the one in Serrano.
    I really like what Loewe is delivering us this days.
    XOXO from Mexico!!!

  4. the suede blouson is absolutely impeccable. want want want want!


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