Saturday, 12 December 2009

the lonesome parisian hero

someone listed not one, not two, but four of his balenciaga coats/jackets for sale on ebay, ALL IN MY SIZE! someone stab me now, now! one of the coats was the one above, which from black eyed peas previously also worn to the american music awards. this coat is from the current fall winter 2009 collection, seller listed as brand new never been worn. i am amazed.

also on the seller's list is this beautiful olive green leather jacket with brown fur collar. balenciaga is famous for their leather, no doubt this would fit like a glove.

quite a few amazing pieces he is parting with. not exactly sure why he's parting with them, but i do very much like both pieces above. check out the auctions of "mylonesomehero" here.



  1. God bless ebay. I just won an amazing Loewe tuxedo jacket for just £60 on it. You just gotta keep at it

  2. Love them all. Stunning jackets.

    Take care

  3. I'd prefer the first one in brown. The black is a bit too Star Trek.

  4. that first one is pretty beautiful. you may need one of them ;)

  5. The first one is amazing.
    You sure know how too hunt for gold on ebay!

  6. I'd love to get 'em both, but im not sure abt purchasing pre-owned clothes! never done it before. does that make me cheap? if i cannot afford the real deal then i can't.

  7. Great jackets, love the siloutte on the first one!!!


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