Friday, 18 December 2009

louis vuitton spring summer 2010

you're probably going to sneer, laugh, faint or gasp. but i really like the panama hat, i am seriously considering getting one when it arrives in stores. i ask myself, if it is not vuitton, will i still like it, answer is a convincing yes. so that justifies my decision.

it's probably going to cost an arm and a leg since it's from vuitton, but the "taiga" leather frame and butterfly detail really makes it look more upscale than the ones we get on the highstreet for probably a tenth of the price.

i don't know how much it will retail for, but i want it. so it's the hat and the shoes, vuitton is getting my money this spring. i better buy vuitton shares to offset.

source: bagaholicboy



  1. I like it too, so you're not alone on this.
    It would just look silly on me.

  2. sounds like a rip-off so i wouldn't really suggest that but go for the shoes i say!

  3. I'm thinking the wide brim will be very difficult to pull off. Good luck.

  4. I like how they jazzed up the panama hat. But like BB, I don't think this will look good on me.

  5. when you do get the hat, don't forget to post a picture of yourself wearing it so we can see how good it looks on you ;)

  6. That is a seriously beautiful hat but I don't think I could put down the bones to purchase it.

  7. Wow, this look is perfect all over - I want that jacket and that bowtie too! Between these and the shoes, I'm going to be seriously tempted this season!


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