Wednesday, 16 December 2009

maison martin margiela spring summer 2010

there's something about silver and brown not working for me. if it is gold glitter with the brown, i would have screamed, missed a heartbeat and jumped on a cab straight to the margiela store. not sure if it is in that order, but jump i will!

source: hypebeast



  1. Those shoes are weird: the brown part is nice but the silver glitter is just atrocious

  2. Tan with gold glitter at Barneys -@$695...better

  3. the leather part actually is more like grey than brown,, i'm seriously considering buying them. and also, THEY DO HAVE THESE SHOES IN BROWN LEATHER AND GOLD GLITTER AT MARGIELA STORES,, I SAW THEM

  4. I just purchased this shoe - its grey (not brown) - this is a bad picture - i wore it with a grey margiela suit, white button down and the white silk scarf with gold chains - it's definitely a head turner - you'll definitely get plenty of comments.


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