Thursday, 24 December 2009

mr hare spring summer 2010 pre order

don't think you will be receiving the christmas presents that you want? how about getting them yourself instead. the fantastic mr hare is back with his second collection, and a few selected styles are available for pre order. my all time favourite is the above tan capote. perfect 10 for 2010.

meanwhile, quite impossibly, a few shoes from his debut collection are now reduced in the sale. i've always loved the fitzgerald, quite a few sizes to choose from too. unsurprisingly, none in my size.

click here to pre-order mr hare's spring summer 2010 or to shop the fall winter sale.




  1. How great. I especially like the tan one. It's making me drool.

  2. Mr. Hare does make exceedingly good shoes!

    Try not to spend too much in the sales! Actually... go ahead and spend!

    Merry Christmas Joe!

  3. I've enjoyed the blog for a while, despite these incredibly inaccessible fashions. So let's say you did find the shoes in your size. Where do you get the money to buy all these things? I only ask because I've read other fashion + beauty blogs that focus on making the latest looks relatable to us "common" people. Shoes topping 400 pounds are going to cost even more for me in America. Out of the question.

  4. Some people do make enough money to buy clothes and shoes that are that expensive, and some people just prioritize differently. Spending a bit less on vacations, car payments, rent, etc adds up fast, and allows you to buy that $1000+ suit or $400 shoes you want.

  5. I got a pair of the Kerouac boots during the oki-ni secret sale with free international shipping. They are gorgeous and worth every (discounted) penny! :)

    Now I'm thinking I should have also gotten the Spectators in black and white before the sold out!


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