Friday, 18 December 2009

peter andre in zara fall winter 2009

yesterday in snowy london, peter andre performed his latest single to promote coca-cola's london underground sponsorship at old spitalfields market. crickey, that's like a block away from my office. mr andre must be freezing in that zara fall winter 2009 faux leather jacket.

the faux leather jacket also comes in brown, and retails for £99. i'm not really a fan of that style, i much prefer the version on the right, which jermaine jackson wore a few months back.

yay or nay?

source: getty images / zara



  1. ya know, i love your blog but I really begin to question your fashion credibility when you start going on about tacky, cheesy c list celebrities...

  2. it's not about celebs or not, i would have done the blog post if it is someone else wearing the jacket.

  3. Well said about the first comment.

    About the jackets, I actually prefer the one Peter Andre wore, which was quite a good surprise in Zara last lookbook - mostly because it looks more discrete but still suggests the military influence. I guess the one wore by J. Jackson is... not really my style!

  4. I also prefer the one on the right but I like them both. The one on the right reminds me of an ultra black version of a Jimi Hendrix jacket.

  5. i love both of the jackets any idea where i can find one at in the States?

  6. First Commenter: Since when it matter WHO'S wearing it?

  7. Love casual jackets like this very classy and stands out form the crowd.

  8. Well that was a nice post. I liked it.

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