Wednesday, 9 December 2009

“une histoire d’homme II” auction

parisian auction house artcurial curated an auction called “une histoire d’homme II”. using my fake french, i think that has something to do with history and men. there were a few interesting lots: lots of montblanc pens, a few classic watches, vintage trunks etc. here are two of my favourite pieces from the auction:

there's a certain mystique about maison goyard, not much is known about them. distribution is scarce and they don't advertise. not one who is eager for global domination, but taking steps in their own time. it's always nice to come across pieces from maison goyard at auctions, giving us the opportunity to delve into their archive a little at a time.

the classic 50cm black steamer bag is described as in excellent condition, and has an auction estimate of €700 - €900. i really like it.

there's also a "petite malle", which i think means small trunk. measuring 32.5cm in length, this trunk is full of character and has an auction estimate of €500 - €700. when i get my own place, i'm going to start collecting trunks. amazing relics of bygone eras.

the auction will be held on 13th december in paris. those interested, click here to view their catalogue.



  1. Love the first bag. It's so unique)

  2. That Goyard Steamer is a beauty.

  3. "Une histoire d'homme" means "a story about men"

    A French boy


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