Tuesday, 8 December 2009

what goes on in vegas stays in new york

tom ford, the designer, opened his second menswear shop at las vegas last week. palm trees, futuristic structure, metallic and glass facade, silver and black, lots of sunshine, tom ford menswear. life must be terrible in vegas.

meanwhile tom ford, the director, premiered his new film "a single man" in new york last night. in case you wondered how he looked like, that's him above. i think there's a stray hair, just slightly to his left. aww shame.

source: getty images


  1. That pin underneath his tie is a very nice touch, i've never seen that before

  2. This is so great, actually the entire project is great. Just posted about the entire "architectural project".
    Great post!!!

  3. oh i know exactly where the new shop was, all this was right by my hotel still under construction when i was there. there's a big vuitton and a tiffany's there too.

  4. ah, that's one picture-esque shop!
    ford is drop-dead-gorgeous as usual.

  5. I'm only a few hours away from Vegas. tempting!

    love the facade of the store... it's so Gotham City.


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