Thursday, 31 December 2009

the year in review - shoes...

in a little self indulgent look back at the shoes i've acquired in 2009. i think i've gone a bit overboard, but here they are in chronological order...

back in jan 09, i bought my favourite shoes so far: the hermes piccadilly. you might think i am crazy, but i still haven't worn it yet. i will, soon. yes, my favourite out of all the shoes.

two pairs of ymc canvas shoes

though the comme des garcons x h&m collaboration happened in 2008, i got this pair in february 09, tucked in one corner, further reduced to... £10. i had to right?

bottega veneta penny loafers

h&m perforated leather and canvas shoes

opening ceremony boots

zara blue suede shoes

matthew williamson x h&m green patent leather sneakers

h&m deck shoes

prada slip ons

massimo dutti green driving shoes

dries van noten lace ups

mr hare "thompson" boots

alejandro ingelmo "galaxy" trainers

gucci beige suede driving shoes

h&m blue satin shoes

asos perforated leather lace ups

b store "sidney" brogues

jimmy choo x h&m black suede boots

gucci horsebit boots

j.lindeberg suede and leather lace ups

salvatore ferragamo velvet slip ons

23 pairs i've acquired. i feel dirty even just typing that. so for 2010, i am definitely buying less, yes less.

it's a shoe-in for 2010. happy new year.



  1. Ha, thanks for make me feel less dirty! Still, what a sight though. Well done Sir, a fine collection! It is truly something to marvel at.

  2. I rarely leave comments on the blogs that I visit. But, I really like that Hermes boots...It is the best boots I have seen yet. And if I were you, I would hesitate to wear them on the street because it would hurt to see scratches even on the bottom of the shoes..anyway, it is a very nice pair of boots that I wish I

  3. When you mentioned 23 at the end I seriously scrolled all the way up counting each picture!! Dayyyyyum!!

  4. Looooooooooove. Swooooooooooooon. Droooooooooool. I love your shoe acquisitions for 2009! Like two pairs for every month! Happy new year!

  5. I have the YMC too! Small sizing though! *rage*

  6. weeeewwww.. great collections! love most of them! hope u'll get many more on twenty ten,kev :) happy new year!!!

  7. I actually don't blame you for not wearing the Hermes, that orange sole is so gorgeous.

    The green drivers, Gucci drivers, and asos perforated lace ups are my personal favorites of yours this year.

  8. Is that all ??? ; )

  9. I WEAR AMERICAN 14... imagine how jealous i am of you. My Gucci store in DC keeps me pretty happy, but if I could find an Hermes/Prada/Bottega in 14....

    If you know of anyone who shops for us ..... lemme know!

  10. why aren't you wearing the hermes? it's so beautiful, you should wear it!

  11. you sir are a man among men. I wish I even had the opportunity to purchase 23 pairs of beautiful footwear. I feel ashamed since I haven't picked up a pair of shoes for months.

  12. Prada, Gucci, and Mr Hare are my favourite.
    Happy new year.

  13. just wonderful. wonderfully dirrrty. i was told "once a shoe person, always a shoe person". i kinda doubt you can adhere to the mantra for the new year. i'm not doubting you, ok. i kept off buying shoes for a while but i always went back and it's usally like payback so it's back to square one. so, here's to 23 pairs of shoes for 2010. happy new year!

  14. Gosh. That's fairly impressive. Here's hoping 2010 will be just as productive for H&M footwear!


  15. It's incredible how we never keep track of our purchases and we are always in for a surprise at how indulgent we are at the final numbers...

    23 is quite a lot! But all nice ones...:-P Especially the Hermes!:-P

  16. Nice taste and choice in your past-shoes year...but didnt realize that h&m had so much lovely shoes / where did you buy them-shop or via web? Because some of them i never see.

  17. sigh.. i wish u were my older brother so we could share clothes and shoes and accessories, SO NOT FAIR.... :'(

    so happy for all the shoes u bought, similar to my taste. well, u have great taste, u should go ahead and do styling!

    ps. sorry for being nosy, but u seem young, how DO you afford hermes, ferragamo, lindeberg, gucci, dries, prada and bottega shoes? what's ur profession? feel free not to answer, im just really curious... :)

  18. If I were you, I should be glad and pround of my taste and earning power. I am surprised that you didn't buy any shoes from Burberry Prorsum??

  19. It's like looking into heaven! The Dries are absolutely beautiful. I certainly wouldn't feel guilty typing 23, you just have amazing taste and know what you want. :P

    Thank you so much for catching that slip up...I seriously didn't even realize it wasn't him lol!

  20. Lovely selection of shoes! Hermes are really something though!
    Shoes are made for walking so wear them and enjoy them!
    Don't feel guilty about the things you love! Shoes are obviously a passion of yours. Theres no shame in your game!

    Happy New Year!

  21. You have a wonderful and varied collection of shoes. I am bad at shoe collections. Usually heels I can barely walk in...and one pair of ballerinas that I wear to death.Hahaha.

  22. oh my word, that is one might fine collection

  23. My word, what a great year 09 was for your and your shoes!

    Cheers from Seattle,
    Emerald Dandy

  24. Crazy....... :) But lovely!

  25. Happy New Year Joe Wong!!

  26. Love you blog! Awesome collection!

    BTW, can u tell me where i can find H&M shops in Singapore, I've just been here for 1 month. Thank u and wish u a happy new year!

  27. uhhh the hermes piccadilly are gorgeous. I want a pair for me and my boyfriend! I suppose they cost the earth though

  28. You have one of the best tastes I have ever encountered on the net.


  29. If only you spend those money on designer shoes rather than premium brand shoes...

  30. i want zara blue i can do it?


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