Saturday, 16 January 2010


rise and shine! when this is posted, i should be on the plane bound for milan. i am really looking forward to the shows, and also to unwind after quite a hectic two weeks i've had. i don't have a laptop, so probably won't be blogging till i get back on tuesday.

follow me on twitter, i might be twittering here and there.

thank you for the journey.


source: dsquared spring 2010 / getty images


  1. BUMMER--No laptop!! I was hoping for live updates. I'll follow you on Twitter. I'll be watching Burberry on the Net.
    Look forward to your updates.

  2. are you going to be backstage at any of the shows? I hope you brought your camera to take loads of pics for us to see! ...Enjoy your week!

  3. Espero que disfrutes de los desfiles y el viaje

    un saludo!

  4. I luw your blog,would you please check out my blog if you have time! Am just starting it, it would be so glad if you share your experience,(^_^)

  5. I just went back all the way to first first post and I finished with an air of disappointment (because it was finished), envy (because I don't even want to picture your wardrobe) and elation (because I agree with everything you have included in your blog).

    I'll be back.


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