Monday, 25 January 2010

backstage at neil barrett fall winter 2010

model josh beech being interviewed by fashion tv, stumbling a few times as he forgot which season he's modelling for. i arrived on the same flight as him, and he looked at me suspiciously as i kept staring at him ha! he is painfully skinny, i wanted to pass him a cheeseburger, with bacon, and a large coke.



  1. The top one is Jacob Coupe.

  2. Beautiful blog... keep the posts coming, as not all of us have got back stage passes....YET, lol

    Yours Nathaniel

  3. i dont blame him, i dont even know what darn season im looking at anymore. which is why i prefer to look at the collections during their actual season and overall ignore the whole resort and prefall, before we never saw all that...


what's he wearing?