Tuesday, 19 January 2010

burberry prorsum fall winter 2010 shearling lined leather boots

the shoes that everyone talked about after the show: the shearling lined leather boots

how do i look in them?? those were incredibly warm though. and i never thought i would like the trousers in boots style, but i am beginning to warm to them (pun intended).

burberry prorsum fall winter 2010, milan 16th january 2010

i re-watched the show at burberry.com, and noticed that the music was completely different to what was used on that day. not sure for those who watched it live online, which was the music you heard, but "OMD - maid of orleans" was used. the glorious scottish bagpipes and military drums was the perfect music to start the show.

click here for "OMD - maid of orleans".

"if joan of arc
had a heart
would she give it as a gift

to such as me
who longs to see
how an angel ought to be"



  1. Aaahhhh!!!! Lucky you, dude!
    I thought they were definitely the highlight of the collection! And I have never liked boots over trousers either but those look great!

  2. those boots were my favorite piece from the show. The sneaker-boots were nice but the shearling took home the gold.

  3. That's insane! If I only new you were so close, I would've said hi or something. :P

  4. Do you know the price of this boots?
    They'r PERFECT!


  5. i've looked at the Burberry collection at least twice a day since the catwalk. I LOVE IT!!!....it got me extremely emotional b/c it was so beautiful. and once those boots get released for retail, i will most likely blow loads of cash to get my hands on a pair!

  6. I absolutely loved the collection and, especially, those boots. The are awesome!
    By the way, I'm about 90% sure that the music you posted the link to was not the music played for those who watched the show live.

  7. I am, as always, tremendously jealous right now. How ever do you get your hands on these things so quickly?!


  8. Hi!
    You are the connoisseur of BURBERRY PRORSUM.
    Do you know if the shoes in the SALE will be discounted more than the 40% as they are right now?
    (Coats etc. will be- thats a fact so far...)

  9. I just love to read your blog, but I am really interested in how you look. Is there a chance to see how you look like or have you maybe posted a picture of you earlier in your blog? How can you afford all of these designer clothes? I am also a great fan of shoes, but i´m quite jealous when I see the shoes you posses. Hehe. Anyhow, great work on the blog!

  10. Joe i think you need those bootS!
    Looks good on you! : D

  11. the brown suede shoes behind you are yours, i guess, so where did you bought those shoes ?
    thank you .

  12. You are a very lucky man.
    I am insanely in love with those boots.

  13. I watched the show live online (and yes, a different soundtrack was used for the online audience)

    Since the show started late, they showed footage of how the invites were made & we saw some of the attendees as they were mingling in the reception area.

  14. lauritz: the shoes were from ages ago, from ysl. green suede!

  15. Did you flee with those on? (:
    I loved that coat, Bailey did an amazing job!

  16. This boots is really nice, it look real cool and fashionalable.

    To own this is a lucky chap. Thanks alot.

    shearling lined boots


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