Tuesday, 26 January 2010

burberry prorsum fall winter 2010 military button knit

i took pics of this stunning showpiece when i revisited the collection. for those unaware, the word "prorsum" is latin for "forward". the burberry equestrian knight charged forward, carrying a flag which spelt out "prorsum". this collection is a salute to their heritage, in which they started off making coats for the british officers. like decorative medals adorning a soldier, this is one stunning knitwear fit for a warrior.

burberry prorsum fall winter 2010

amazingly, the collection is now available for pre-order at luisaviaroma. though not entirely practical, i have a feeling this piece will sell out very quickly. come on, let's have a guess: how much do you think this will retail for?

i guess... £800+




  1. Fantastic look, very creative,

    when this much time and care is put into design and production items like this are worth the price tag.

    and thats the truth the whole truth and nothing but...aaaahhhheeeyyyy, naaa meeannn

    forgive me i need sleep.


  2. Even with just one button it would cost 800 pounds simply due to the fact that its made of 5 ply cashmere in Italy. My guess that if it was Merino Wool and made in Slovak/Romania/Morrocco/China, it would cost about 300 pounds.


  3. This is my favorite look from the entire collection. Quite ingenious! Price is quite hefty though.

  4. actually it is not that creative and not that ingenious! It´s "just" an shoulder application which looks good!

    I like it pretty much but would not praise it that much because there have been stronger looks in that collection!!!

  5. I can picture Zara's version right now.

  6. There are 3 must have in this collection.
    This sweater, the coat with a lot of buttons on the wrist, and the zipped coat who can be a spencer.

    About the price i think that it'll be around 1000-1200 euros.

  7. One of the standout pieces of the season so far. Great shot by the way!


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