Saturday, 30 January 2010

christian louboutin in christian louboutin

on thursday, designer christian louboutin and french actress farida khelfa attended the "fashion dinner for aids" in paris. the designer wore a pair of his studded "louis" sneakers from the current spring 2010 collection. the pairing of the sneakers with the suit just gave it an edgier feel. i love the sneakers, it's really growing on me.

the wide lapels, checks and crotchet tie suggest to me that his outfit was from tom ford. and i am also loving his houndstooth flat cap, which i believed was from philip treacy, but can't find any other pics of it.

it must be love, love , l00o00ve.

credit: getty images


  1. The sneakers are fine but will be old news very soon.
    As for Mr Louboutin,well what can I say... Not a good look on him! The TF suit doesnt fit across the chest and the sleeves are too long! I mean seriously, can he not afford a decent tailor? He looks like Del Boy!

  2. OMG...any idea how much is it selling?! I want the white one!

  3. Nice.

  4. i think it costs 1200$ and yes, it is looooove!!!

  5. where one can buy these online?fab! CB on the other hand look cheap

  6. Oh wow. Such a lovely sneaker that is. I 'll try to purchase it. Thanks for sharing such a nice shoe.


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