Sunday, 24 January 2010

the curious case of christopher brown

besides kanye west and amber rose, someone else has been jetting between milan and paris for the shows too:

chris brown with margherita and rosita missoni

chris brown with neil barrett

chris brown with kris van assche

chris brown with jean paul gaultier

no, chris brown did not bash up monsieur gaultier. i wondered if he found it amusing to be standing next to chris in that halloween came early make up. the world hasn't really gotten over the fact that chris bashed up our favourite pop princess. is he on a crusade to change people's opinions by attending a slew of milan and paris shows?

word from the grapevine is that he will be doing something with a popular US magazine (cover maybe?). when a certain powerful editor from that magazine said he's taking chris brown to the shows, the fashion houses generally cannot say no. some tweeted "what were the fashion houses thinking!", but their hands were tied really.

and depends which school of thought you're in: bad publicity, or there's no such thing as bad publicity, just no publicity. scandals or not, at least chris looked genuinely happy to be there, can't say the same for kanye though.

source: getty images



  1. Cool!
    P.S. I love Jean Paul!


  2. Wow. Id prefer kanye not smiling, instead of a phony smile from that guy.


    a smile :)

  4. Chris been beating on jean paul gaultier...lolol

    Dang chris just stop it..

  5. THE YSL Shoes on ur wish list on size 42 is now 198 GBP

  6. In Hollywood, all past 'misdeeds' are forgiven easily when you have the support of the media. It's a sad fact...

    Just look at how many celebs who took drugs, got imprisioned etc...and still got more popular than before.

  7. This bitch.

    I'm disgusted with all these designers, except maybe for JPG, whom I suspect is taking the piss.


what's he wearing?