Tuesday, 12 January 2010

dirk bikkembergs milan menswear show open to all

dirk bikkembergs will be staging their menswear show in milan next monday on 18th january 2010. in a rather rare move, they will be staging two shows: one for members of press, while the other will be open to members of the paying public.

those interested, click here to purchase tickets. tickets costs €11 and proceeds will go in aid of non-profit cancer research foundation IFOM.

.: dirk bikkembergs fall winter 2009 / reuters :.

i thought it is a pretty good idea to stage a second show, especially since it's for charity. however runway shows are costly to produce, hence we see a growing number of fashion houses opting for presentations instead. i doubt the idea of producing a show for the paying public will catch on, but it's quite a novelty.

my friends ask why i am interested to go to shows. like themselves who are tennis fanatics, they wake up in the wee hours of the morning and head to wimbledon to queue for tickets. they travel from london to paris for the roland garros french open. we all do it for the passion.

and i wonder, if the public will pay to watch a fashion show?



  1. I will only pay for a show by Chanel...Karl always put up a show and Viktor & Rolf of course

  2. Omg...i would...i know i am from the Caribbean but i most definitely would...and i think his clothes are amazing! i love them! :) yeah if i had the opp...11 quid would be nothing to pay to see those lovely pieces coming down the runway! :)

  3. I would pay €11 just to see the models!

  4. It's not the worst idea i guess. In my opinion a small fee is totally okay, especially when it enables the magic moments of a runaway show to public.

  5. 11€ is nothing, I was expecting something in the lines of 100€ from one of the bigger houses.

    It's times like these fashion houses surprise me with their thinking. Not cashing in on the fashion shows, which are definitely enjoyable, and the whole internet craze. I understand the exclusivity, the fact that maybe people don't need to be there to see the show, but not having an online presence for your fans? Gah!

  6. I don't think it will be the same experience at all. If they even choose to show in the same venue (which is doubtful), chances are they won't be paying for the same high-dollar models to walk or the same expensive sound/lighting technicians. I mean, I could be wrong...but all of that isn't necessary for a charity show. People will probably pay to go because they think they're getting into a "high fashion" event, but they won't even know the difference (until they see the kid from their local café walking down the runway instead of Garrett Neff or Simon Nessman)!

  7. (Just signed in to follow your blog after af quick but serious 'googling' of the Louis Vuitton Tobago bag)

    Comment: But how does one get tickets for these shows, I ask myself.


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