Saturday, 23 January 2010

givenchy fall winter 2010

i am hating myself for not going to the paris shows, for i could have witnessed the best show of the season. the best for me at least: the sheer simplicity, the subtle detailings, the tailoring, the perfect cutting of the trousers, and the accessory of the season.

givenchy Givenchy GIVENCHY!!!



  1. I don't know. I am a fan of innovation. Once, I remember, you had mentioned how buying a certain piece from these collections should be an unique experience in its own. I think it begins with the shows. When you see a piece it needs to stand out, it needs to imply, "buy me instead of a 'Topman knock off.' Givenchy to me didn't really satisfy this season. So far Paris has played it safe, besides the usual suspects such as Galliano.

  2. Givenchy was a let down this season. How would the Jesus t shirt and paraphernelia sell in the middle eastern cash rich states like Qatar, UAE and Saudi? They are obviously less affected by the economic downturn and therefore would still buy luxuries like a $400 t shirt. Oh well, one less collection to buy for me since I don't like any religious fashion references either. More savings for AW 2010/2011.

  3. cactus: i believe that jesus tshirt is a showpiece, and they don't expect to sell much of that. take away the chistianity theme and you have several well tailored and very classic pieces. i don't believe that fashion houses should design for a particular market in mind. ricardo tisci brought gothic beauty to givenchy and i find this collection to be very much closer to their ladieswear.

    and last heard middle east wasn't doing too great too...

  4. uhm, i believe that t-shirt would sell VERY well and DID


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