Monday, 11 January 2010

h&m spring 2010 new arrivals

a few of my favourite items that will be arriving at h&m soon:

i love the pairing of the blue leather with beige soles. but i tell myself not to buy anymore shoes from h&m...

love the jacket, but i would love it more if it's a different collar...

liking the color and draping. yes, a trip to h&m is imminent...

strictly speaking, this beany is for kids, but i really like the pattern. let me see if i can dig out one in XXL...

love h&m!

source: h&m


  1. " i tell myself not to buy anymore shoes from h&m.." why ? (there is no H&M in Bangkok so i would like to know )

  2. Shoes from H&M are not the best quality.

    I love the cardigan.

  3. those shoes look great. do you know how much they are going to be?

  4. I like the colour of those shoes.


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