Tuesday, 19 January 2010

hello hello!

three days away seems like forever on the blogosphere. i didn't have a laptop with me in milan and not want to constantly blog, so for the coming weeks there should be a barrage of posts relating to milan although the world has moved on to paris. but, it's 2:30am now, i've just touched down in london, i desperately need food, sleep, sex and money, well not necessary in that order, and donate where necessary and applicable.

ciao milano. here are two pics from one of my favourite shows, prada fall winter 2010.



  1. Welcome home to the blogosphere J! :)
    I saw the Prada show on the net and I'm glad you survived the crashing of the seats at Prada.
    I also loved Burberry. Look forward to your updates!

  2. You enjoyed Prada? I thought the house played really safe and it was actually weid with all those colors as sceneries. Maybe cause I am used with Prada being pretty much amazinG all the time, and I just can't get over Burberry P. and the amazing boots the had.

  3. Prada was the weirdest show and definitely not the best

  4. i don't get it, i must be the only one who was disappointed by the Prada show. Then again, i'm a serious hater of beige and camel tones on men

  5. Can't wait for updates!

    Burberry Prorsum was good, although a few of the jackets looked suspiciously like copies of Hedi era Dior Homme..

  6. Another one not impressed with Prada. Oddly both boring and incoherent at the same time.

    Generally loved Burberry. Interesting to see the trousers/jeans tucked into boots trend entering what will be its third year.

  7. prada, like most of their previous shows, takes a while to warm to.

    i was shocked to see the first few looks, but looking back now the collection is really pleasing, cutting fine between commercial and artistry.

    we just have to ignore the tacky camo canvas bags...

  8. Not too sure about prada maybe it will grow on me like you said.



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