Sunday, 24 January 2010

kanye west in roberto cavalli fall winter 2009

has kanye been reading my blog? why is he stepping out in paris with some of my favourite pieces? most weren't very kind with the comments when he was spotted in the much coveted christian louboutin rollerballs. and at yesterday's paris shows, kanye wore my favourite piece from roberto cavalli fall winter 2009: the fox fur collared coat which i featured back in august 2009.

model clement chabernaud for roberto cavalli fall winter 2009

clement looked amazing in that coat as he walked down the runway. i feel kanye could carry off that coat and look good, if he lose some of that attitude. i remembered a while back, designers were sending out memos to staff not to sell clothes to victoria beckham as they don't want her association. that was way back in the posh spice times though. i wonder if memos will be sent about kanye.

kris van assche with kanye west and amber rose at dior homme fall winter 2010

and wasn't it an unspoken rule that celebs have to wear that designer's clothing when attending their shows? and kanye, smile! it's not that bad!

source: getty images



  1. Kris doesn´t look too happy either ;)

  2. Kanye is such a fashion jerk...I mean how he dresses...Completelly silly like "I am the Boss!"

  3. maybe taste of fashion may vary from one to another race. Seriously, if this comment was too offensive, please delete it.

  4. huh? whatever.

    i feel he looks fine in the coat. though i would change the basic hanes shirt for something more original.

  5. amber rose's denim jacket and distressed jeans are very nice.
    kanye's coat makes him look like a russian kingpin, ie. BAD!

  6. When I saw that pic of Kanye the other day, I immediatly thought of you, because I knew how much you loved from when you featured it a while back...
    the look is just sad. Did you see the boots? I have nothing to say about Amber though. I loved that Louis Vuitton mink bum bag/fanny pack though. It's from the Fall 2006 collection.

    anyways, I know it is a little early to be asking, but are you going to be doing NY fashion week?

  7. homme times: not going NY, too expensive and got to work! unless someone's sponsoring hmmm...

  8. I think Kanye is too stressed out at the prospect of being splashed with red paint by wearing so much fur together with Amber. That is why he looks pissed off when he is taking pics.:-P Possibility?


    One thing positive, at least he dares to have fun with fashion, even though he does not show it in his facial expression:-)

  9. What is happening to Amber Rose?! Its like Kanye is sucking the hot out of her. Look at this (ignore her outfit):

  10. Kanye, what a gold digger! :)
    He should've posed with you!


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