Monday, 25 January 2010

mika in christian louboutin men's "freddy" flats and lanvin accessories

why is everyone wearing louboutin shoes all of a sudden? on saturday, pop sensation mika attended the NRJ 2010 music awards in cannes. the helium voiced singer arrived on the red carpet with too much make-up, trousers that were slightly too long, a loop sided bow tie and a gorgeous pair of christian louboutin "freddy" flats.

the "freddy" flats is a unisex design. i've seen the men's version at their mount street store in london, retailing for about £950. though full of studs, it is still amazingly lightweight. the women's version retails for £630, available online at browns. i don't know why the price difference. more importantly, i don't know why shoes are this insanely expensive!

kevin from myMANybags bought a pair recently. click here to read about his experience.

a close up of the lebanon born singer revealed a rather pretty white shirt with interesting detailing, a feather bow tie and an embroidered elephant pin.

the pins were featured in lanvin spring summer 2010 menswear, which they pinned to the ties.

i saw the pins in the shops and rather like them, but can't find an excuse to buy them. the cute little elephant lapel/tie pins are available online at luisaviaroma for £120 / €133.

i'm really intrigued and fascinated by mika's feathered bow tie, which i think is from lanvin fall winter 2008, but i am not 100% certain. any lanvin experts please feel free to chip in.

he is not what you think he is, he is golden.

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  1. I'm almost positive the bow tie is lanvin.

  2. U are so good at spotting where those pieces came from! I love the Lanvin feather bowtie, so different:-)

    Yes, I often wonder why the difference in men's and women's designs for the Freddy Flat. Unfair!

  3. The guy with the curls looks very interesting. Those shoes are so cool!

  4. love those shoes :)

    i think that the men´s shoes have this "very exclusice" thing! And you can only get them at selected locations which raises the price :(

  5. these shoes will remain in my wildest dreams. siiiigh.... i think i want one of those elephants.

  6. As with many am totally in love with the Louboutin studded shoes.

    Am loathing the price.

    Am looking on Chinese sites for fake ones >_> Some things I just want the style, not the tag and label.

  7. EXTREMELY expensive! I wear size 6 so I may get the women version and save a thousand $!

    Do these ever get on sale? I can wait! :D

    Love Mika's hair! Freshness.

  8. Im almost positive the bow tie is from burberry prorsum autumn 08!

  9. i think the reason for the price difference is the number of studs. my SA at my local CL boutique counted the number of studs on the womens, and mens version of the Rollerboy from last season, and said there were a rather significant difference in the number of studs between the two, resulting in a price difference as well.

    whether or that that justifies the price difference is another thing, but this could be the answer.

  10. lol too much make-up...

    this is a really charming outfit, love the bow tie.

    the elephant is a bit silly though, I don't see why if someone wanted a cute brooch they'd reach for a mega expensive one that isn't that amazing!

  11. I must admit I love those shoes! Easy to customise your own though....


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