Thursday, 21 January 2010

pre order fall winter 2010 collections

the fall winter 2010 shows barely ended a few days ago in milan, and we can now pre order them online! talk about efficiency! i think it's a genius idea. many a times i wait patiently for the collection to arrive in stores, only to be disappointed that the buyers did not select that item that i so wanted from the runway. and it makes sense to let customers pre order now as this is the buying season. so if there are any key pieces that you really want, place your orders now. i don't think there will be any payment taken up front, nor does it constitute a binding purchase agreement. i think it's more like an indication for them, what's hot, what's not.

very smart move. pre-order your favourites at luisaviaroma now, they are now accepting orders for dolce & gabbana.

now now, what do i like...



  1. They are accepting Burberry Prorsum orders now as well.

  2. It's an interesting approach.. I can see it could be useful for them to get an idea of which pieces will sell (especially as retailers are keen not to over-order during the recession), but they probably won't take it too seriously regarding what to buy.. i would *guess* that the majority of customers are not the type who stay up late to be the first to see next (next) season's runway pics online.. often the consumer (particularly the cash rich, time poor consumer) wants to rely upon the buyer's selection, not to have to tell them what to buy!

    I also think this obsession with NEW is getting a bit out of hand.. I mean, the majority of SS10 is yet to arrive and they're already trying to get consumers excited about FW10.. that could actually be detrimental to SS10 sales, if consumers are lead to believe that SS10 is already old hat in January...madness!

  3. that's a very interest viewpoint hapsical!

    i am chasing the fw2010 stuff now, kind of forgetting about ss2010 which haven't fully arrived in stores too!

  4. This is not the First time that LuisaViaRoma make this; thats one of the reasons, that they are my favourite! :)


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