Wednesday, 27 January 2010

sjaak hullekes fall winter 2010

when i was in milan last week, i had great pleasure in meeting sjaak and his team, and to check out his fall winter 2010 collection. i previously featured the lookbook pics here, and was really excited to see the collection in person. here were a few pieces that i really like:

i really like the subtle detailings on this shirt. the small but perfectly formed collars, the unfinished hems, the gold tone logo proudly sewn on.

we've previous seen the mink coat on his preview pics:
and here's the coat in all it's glory:

i would have squeezed myself into that if i could!

the blazers were nicely tailored, again with subtle detailings to make everything a little more special.

i asked sjaak if the current economic crisis made any impact in terms of his designs (ie, why the mink coat!). in his words, he mentioned that a designer needs to maintain a certain degree of naivety. if one is designing solely for the market, you'll lose some of the reasons for getting into designing in the first place. hence the collection was aptly titled "small town boy". the small town boy is looking at the big city with a degree of innocence and purity.

his words resonated with me. i was previously banging about how designers doesn't connect with consumers, how they should do more of certain things to gain a bigger market share. but life is bigger than that. there's no need for hurried global domination, it's about the journey isn't it.

i am a small town boy (ok man) living in the big smoke. maybe that's why i love this collection dearly.

and a pic of the wonderfully stylish sjaak hullekes. i would so steal that cardigan/knit off him if i could squeeze into it.

check out pics of his collection here.



  1. This is a great cardigan! Like the length!!!

    ps: what do you think about this shirt !?

  2. Why do you talk like that as if you are overweight. I've seen your out and about pictures and you can definitely squeeze into those sweaters. You are far from overweight.

  3. minus the completely awesome cardigan, sjaak hullekes has the look that I sling daily. damn.

  4. disappointed to see the use of mink there I must say :-(

  5. I totally agree with Guru. When I see a fur coat I always have to think of a picture of a fur coat I saw years ago. It said: "Like the coat? The last owner was killed in it".

  6. Whatever, the mink coat is gorgeous... Don't be a leather wearing, fur hating hypocrite...


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