Thursday, 28 January 2010

topman lens spring 2010

arriving in stores and online from february 2010 is a new collection of topman lens items. i am totally crazy over this top with rope detailing. i NEED it now! i have to check it out at topman this weekend, i hope they have it already.


source: topman



  1. Did Hedi Slimane shoot those images, or just a reallllllyyy big fan of his?

  2. Hey Just To Let You Know. I Think Its From The Topman Lens SS 2010 Collection Not Topman Design.
    I Doubt It Will Be In Store Already As Topman Lens Was Removed From The Website About A Month Ago And Stock Is Ment To Appear Online At At The Same Time It Appears In Stores And There Is No Sign Of Topman Lens On The Website Yet.

  3. Wanted To Include This Link As well But Forgot.

  4. Slimane for Topman??? never.

    and this is from Topman LENS not LTD...but tom-a-to, to-mah-to i suppose.

  5. Hi,

    Check out a Finnish designer called Dusty. They have lot of clothes featuring ropes. Their websites ( are currently under construction, but here is a sample of their clothes

  6. I love everything on this line,
    I even love the overall!

  7. Lens will hit down in Topman Oxford Circus the day after February's MAN show- I believe this is a thursday?


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