Wednesday, 20 January 2010

trussardi 1911 fall winter 2010

i'm loving the slim fitting rolled up jeans, and the luxurious looking duffel coat with really beautiful detailing on the sleeves.

turns out, the sleeve detailing is a separate attachment to the coat. terrible to say, but i am getting that for my coat when it will be released a few months down the line!

many more pics from trussardi 1911 presentation, soon!



  1. Definitely one of my favourite collections from Milan. I need to get my hands on some pieces...

  2. i like the idea of a fair isle gauntlet.

  3. Obsessed with this coat right now.

  4. I'm sure you could bully some fashion student into making a pair of those sleeves for you for free. Probably in exchange for some exposure on the blog, though.

  5. Yours truly could probably churn one up. All I need is time and motivation. Haha


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