Wednesday, 27 January 2010

what is luxury?

luxury isn't about spending £120 on a pot of eye cream and slabbing it quickly before going to bed. luxury could be spending £20 on eye creams, and finding 20mins to massage and indulge. so time could define luxury.

and time equates money. but luxury doesn't necessary equate money.

luxury is not about buying a £2,500 jacket just because one can. money cannot buy style, and high prices low availability promises of exclusivity, doesn't necessary define luxury.

luxury should also not be a commodity. a commodity is a product for which there is demand, but which is supplied without differentiation, that is the same no matter who produces it. so terms like "affordable luxury" or "luxury for the masses" should not exist. it is insincere, so i will also not use it in future.

luxury doesn't have to be tangible or cost the earth, it could be an hour to oneself, to relax, to indulge, with a tub of ice cream or not. although a tub of green and black's could be considered a luxury, a splurge, as considered to say, a cone of cornetto.

luxury is using my favourite scent, the now near empty bottle of helmut lang "cuiron". every drop so precious and poignant, knowing it is no longer in production.

luxury is not about excesses. it doesn't mean owning ten £1,000 bags, or owning one £1,000 bag for which 10,000 were made.

luxury could be the feeling of soft cashmere brushing against the skin.

so luxury is a feel, but most likely not a look. a cashmere sweater with metallic embellishments could be done in wool or cotton instead, but the feel would be lost. the sweater doesn't need to be in cashmere, but luxury isn't about a need, it's a want.

so luxury is a want.

pic credit: hommemodel

can't do a blog post without pics can i? speaking about wants: i want the... boots from louis vuitton fall winter 2010. want, very much.

but luxury is also not wanting to put on a £800 pair of northamptonshire hand made shoes, but a pair of £25 well beaten converse sneakers on a sunday because one feels comfortable dressing down.

so luxury is about comfort, a mindset, a state of being, of not living by peoples' opinions.

luxury is often not for show, it's whispered not shouted.

luxury is not dressing up in the finest threads but still feeling empty. luxury is happiness and radiance from within. but what is happiness? like happiness, luxury can rarely be defined.

luxury hasn't lost it's lustre, we just need to understand it better.



  1. absolutely! amen to everything you said 100%. great post.

  2. well said!! very well said!! could i please have your permission to quote your statement?

  3. another inspiring entry of yours. i like.

  4. You are brillant! Beautiful post, the divine O's reflections on luxury. I almost thought you were going Recessionista until I scrolled down and saw the LV bag. :)
    xx00x from Los Angeles

  5. see, this is why your blog is great. you're so sharp and smart, Joe.

    keep it up.


  6. actually, it seems like you've read the Dana Thomas best seller DELUXE: HOW LUXURY LOST ITS LUSTRE to me.

  7. anon: i've heard about the book, but never read it. wanting to read it soon...

  8. "luxury is not dressing up in the finest threads but still feeling empty". That's so true...I think you've described Kevin from mymanybags in those exact words.
    Why do people need a hundred bags and sell them later. I'm happy with my few Hermes and One Boyfriend.

  9. It is a great read. I agree with much of your commentary on the state of Luxury today. Luxury is different to different people, but Mass Luxury is something I also do not believe in. Oxymoron.

  10. Cactus: that was actually the most difficult line for me to pen down. It was actually a reflection on myself.

    Nothing to do with anyone else, to each their own really...

  11. makes one think... great post, joe.

  12. Great post.

    I found the book fascinating and its definitely worth a read. I think the word 'luxury' is fast becoming as redundant as the words 'designer', 'iconic' or 'vibrant' - all overused by to the extent they are all essentially meaningless as adjectives and have entered the realm of cliché.

    The concept behind the word however is not, and I'd agree it is entirely subjective although very important.

  13. Catus, I see you have something against me without me provoking you in anyway.

    I have seen my fair share of psychos online and you should fit the role perfectly:-) Happy being 'happy' as you claimed. Which leaves me wondering: if someone is truly contented and happy as they claimed, why would that person go thru such effort leaving his bias and unfounded comments all over? :-P

    Advice to you: get a life:-) luxury is not obsessing about what others have or what you have, it's having the liberty to live your life the way you want:-)

  14. I love your thesis on luxury! =) Awe inspiring. Cheers!

  15. Very nice! I love the last two lines.


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