Friday, 8 January 2010 in balenciaga fall winter 2009

i stumbled upon the above pic, and boy am i excited! fast becoming my new style hero, from the black eyed peas wore my favourite piece from balenciaga fall winter 2009.

can someone hit me up with a size 48 please! i love that jacket to bits. i really did scour the entire london for it. i checked out all the shops that carried balenciaga menswear in london (harvey nichols, harrods, selfridges, browns, matches), but NONE of the buyers bought that piece. why oh why i do not know.

i am going to milan next week, hope i will be able to find it there though my chances will be very slim, the new spring collections should be kicking in now. the quilted jacket on the left is also my favourite, and only 1 store in london brought in that color, how terrible! but i did get one in black, which i am loving at this moment.

oh did i mention i am going to milan next week!

dearest, if ever you do not want this jacket anymore, please pass it to me!



source: AP photo


  1. I love that piece too!
    And have an amazing time in Milan, Joe!

  2. Weee! Enjoy the shows in Milan Joe!

  3. Great jacket but it doesn't suit him very well - makes him look too fat

  4. joe i know you don't know me but i read your blog daily and love it! do you think we can meet when you'll be in milan? i live there :-)

  5. Off to Milan.. so lucky, have a great time!

    I have to disagree about Will.I.Am.. well I agree he wears some amazing clothes, like this jacket, but I think he makes almost everything he wears look terrible (bad styling, bad fit.. it always looks forced and awkward) - just my opinion. He's also responsible for some truly awful music...!

  6. i saw the jacket in alenciaga paris! but i didnt check the sizes anyway now 50% got the the black puffy jacket like ur tho...

    have fun in milan!!

  7. hey joe; just been to balenciaga yesterday, it's actually 50%off, i saw a size 46, but i think you should call them just to check, they might even manage to send it to you i guess...
    xxoo from paris

  8. arrrrggghhh.... very fortunate guys, haha

  9. do u know what brand is the pants his wearingon last pic?


what's he wearing?