Wednesday, 10 February 2010

burberry prorsum fall winter 2010 military jacket

there were many showpieces from burberry prorsum fall winter 2010. those fur lined aviator coats, those with buttons exquisitely sewn on, the shearing jackets, the officer long coats etc. i decided to pick one from the rails to try it on, something that is stylish yet practical, something that i as a consumer would get, something i would and could wear daily, something that would call out my name if it is hanging in the shops.

and so i tried on this piece, which fits really nicely. and by then i could see them blocking the exit as they know i will run away and never turn back.

le sigh. l00o00ve.

burberry prorsum menswear fall winter 2010

the jacket, along with others from the collection, is now available for pre-order from i think it's great, even if the buyer for your country did not pick the piece that you want, you can pretty much guarantee that you're going to get it with this pre-ordering service. i am seriously tempted...



  1. H&M has a dark blue velour one of the same cut, except the length isnt as long, but the buttons and the way it looks are exactly the same for only $70.

  2. How much does it retail for? I like it but in my opinion brown is the dullest colour ever..I would never buy brown clothings except for leather.

  3. I love it! And it fits you perfectly.

  4. What a nice jacket! Brown colour looks great with those big gold buttons.

  5. Alexander. Mcqueen Killed himself todayyyy can't blive it this is sad


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