Wednesday, 3 February 2010

canali fall winter 2010

canali had one of the best openings i've seen at the shows. they had a spacious venue, so everyone was able to sit and watch the show comfortably. before the show started, i thought the background was just a projection of an abstract image.

and when the lights dimmed, i realised that an artist was there drawing the background and changing it live. i don't know what the official art form is called, but i thought it was really cool, and that little bit extra really made it a "show".

and the artist kept on drawing, and finally he drew a door, and out came the models. i didn't manage to capture that brilliant moment, but all the guests were in awe and clapped at the brilliant opening.

and here were a few more pics that i took at the show:

bastiaan ninaber for canali fall winter 2010

i really like this bag

everyone's favourite: garrett neff

canali fall winter 2010. classic italian styling, prim and proper, and if i may say, very luxurious.



  1. it's called sand drawing, very cool!
    great idea and great collection.

  2. Actually the person who did the background is Kseniya Simonova, she won Ukraine's version of "Britians got Talent." Shes really amazing:


    check those brand new colors og the louboutin louis studded sneakers !

  4. the bag is amazing. love it

  5. amazing! shame I was in the backstage and missed the sand drawing!


what's he wearing?