Saturday, 13 February 2010

fashion for relief - haiti

last night in new york, a fashion show was curated and tickets sold to help raise funds for victims of the haiti earthquake. a whole host of celebrities, designers, models (retired and active) came out in full force. i'm not sure if the celebrities came out in their own clothes, but all the clothes seen on their show would be auctioned off on come 15th march.

victoria beckham & lorenzo martone / image credit: getty images
lorenzo (aka marc jacob's beau) looked great for this event, especially loving that silk/satin oversized bow tie. i love his shoes, looked familiar but just can't quite recall where i've seen it before. mrs beckham looked effortlessly stylish.

johannes huebl / image credit: getty images
german model johannes huebl modeled a pink tuxedo, which again looked so familiar to me but i can't remember where i've seen it. best dressed of the night definitely.

thanks to reader niyi: johannes's tuxedo jacket is from dsquared2 spring summer 2010, also available online here.

johannes huebl & olivia palermo / image credit: wireimage
sorry ladies and gents, johannes is taken. he is currently seeing new york socialite / tv star olivia palermo. you can however, get the t-shirt.

the t-shirt retails for US$16 (about £10) and will be available nationwide in the US from 16th february. proceeds will go towards the "clinton bush haiti fund".

alan cummings / image credit: getty images
and here's actor alan cummings in the t-shirt, and model of the moment patrick kafka showing the back of the t-shirt.

naomi campbell, fashion for relief / image credit: reuters
the amazing event was organised by naomi campbell, i thought she looked absolutely amazing for that event. at the finale, she gathered a few of her friends who were all dressed in alexander mcqueen for a tribute. gorgeousness.

this event will next move to london, and will be on show at 18th february at somerset house. tickets start from £75, click here for more info.



  1. martone's shoes are to die for! that is how i expected my rupert sanderson's to look like.

  2. love lorenzo's outfit. shoes look like Rupert Sanderson but the shape is not Rupert, I think.

    I want those shoes!

  3. Johannes looks great in that tuxedo!!!

  4. The shoes in the fist picture looks like Opening Ceremony in my opinion

  5. And shoes are Opening Ceremony.
    D :-)

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  7. love the shirts

  8. Love love Johannes in pink. I wish blazers looks like that on me...


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