Monday, 8 February 2010

fcuk spring 2010 campaign

if i can be honest, i don't usually care much about fcuk, or french connection as they would like to be called these days. it's one of those labels in a wishy washy grey arena, not exactly high end but charges a premium for goods that appeared decidedly high street-ish. it was worst when they hired offsprings of bygone rock stars, so called it-girls, to pose for their fall winter 2009 campaign. terrible.

but i walked past their knightsbridge store last weekend, and was pleasantly surprised at their new direction for their spring 2010 campaign. it was playful, cheeky in the right sense and i really like the photography. and i am so thankful they hired a man to front the campaign. enough of pretty boys, we want men!

and it's campaigns like these that make me wanna run into their shop to buy the bunny ears.

nah no bunny ears, but i will eat meat and (try to) dress well. great campaign, whoever lensed and directed it.

"men have lost the ungentle art of manliness. he gets nervous around large fish. he can't tie a full windsor. men have forgotten how to snap a bra open with a click of their fingers – women are undoing their own bras to save time! meanwhile guys are eating little portions of leaves and putting too much gel in their hair. they are wearing t-shirts with dope leaves and robots on them when they are over 22 years-old."

source: french connection via beauty confessional



  1. looks a little bit like diesel !

  2. Who ever sad old perceptions of what manliness is was right to begin with. They are trying to bring back the dominant straight male persona when it went out of fashion along time ago for good reasons. I feel like they are trying to target a straight male consumer maybe ? Being a man is more than the attributes and things they mention. Don't they realize we've evolved. Btw we are not all douchebags.

  3. I don't see it as straight vs gay, but I do see it as well-dressed or well-groomed vs not. I don't care if the man in those pictures has sex with men, women or both, but he is disgusting and I wouldn't want to buy clothes he's modeling.

  4. I think its great campaign. I really did not like last seasons campaign. the clothes were great but those girls they used were dreadful. i prefer models instead of Celbrty offspring whos only claim to fame is their famous dad.


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