Wednesday, 10 February 2010

ready to go

ok last indulgent post on the shoes: in my topman navy skinny trousers, paul smith pink socks, and new shoes. i love the chocolatey suede and asymmetric lines. happy shoesday.



  1. absolutely beautiful!!
    and SO well styled

    congratulations dude

  2. You are so brave buying that navy blue skinny pants in my opinion. Its very look at me.

  3. like your new shoes : D

    by the way i love that pants!!! BAM!

  4. Beautiful shoes!
    Those trousers dont go with the shoes in my opinion. The shoes deserve something less distracting like a grey pair of trousers.

    You have soooo many shoes though Joe, so my question is do you get to wear all of them?

  5. yea grey trousers will be good. am still looking for a well cut pair in grey.

    too many shoes, too little dates. you're right, can't wear them all!

  6. Trousers. Don't hear that alot. British people say the darnest things. Try Zara, they have some really nice dress pants that are tailored and cut well and oh so affordable. You know you can mix high with low.

    You should go out more. You know its all up to you.

  7. fwah. those navy *trousers* really rock. gorgeous with your neutral shoes on your wishlist.


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