Thursday, 4 February 2010

trussardi 1911 spring 2010 sneakers

when i was in milan two weeks ago, trussardi had their fall winter presentation at their showroom above their flagship store at piazza scala. before i left the building, i had a quick look around to see what's new from spring 2010. needless to say, the first thing that caught my eyes were the shoes.

upon closer inspection, i can honestly say that the sneakers were very well made. my favourite is the one on the right, in the most gorgeous combination of brown suede and gold leather. i really really like it, and was about to try it. the only thing stopping me was the price tag: €440 / £400. the comparison to lanvin's sneakers is inevitable, in terms of pricing and design. but, and it is a huge "but", trussardi's version is much much lighter, and that really counts.

i love the shoes, but i had to walk away.

the sneakers as seen on trussardi spring 2010

and speaking of which, the bag from fall winter 2009 which i previously featured back in august 2009, is now reduced to... £260.

the weekend bag is crafted in grey checked cashmere with calf leather handles and straps. i think it's amazingly good value. anyone looking for a lightweight and stylish weekender, i highly recommend it. click here for more info on their site. most of their bags from fall 2009 were reduced now.

happy shopping!


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  1. they look ridiculously like rip-offs of Lanvin's, and I know which I would prefer any day..


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