Friday, 19 February 2010

vivienne westwood "fashion for relief - haiti" charity t-shirt

last week in new york, naomi campbell organised the "fashion for relief" show. as reported, the show was moved to london yesterday evening, and a whole slew of british celebrities came out in full force to support the worthy cause. there weren't many male celebrities strutting their stuff, but ronnie corbett no doubt won "best dressed for the night" for me! the top hat, the wooden cane, the 3 piece suit, the velvet slippers and turquoise socks (i die!).

even off duty, the comedienne(comedian!) looked ever so stylish with a blue double breasted blazer with gold crested buttons. pocket square too, i love you ronnie!!!

and then there's model du jour david gandy hanging out backstage, looking effortlessly cool. not sure if it's the flash or that he lost the perma tann, he's looking mighty fine.

tv host piers morgan also did the catwalk, and backstage he was proudly parading a louis vuitton spring 2010 bag. a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this bag goes towards charity. find out from your local louis vuitton shop for details.

of course that bag doesn't belong to piers, it's naomi's. the supermodel and proud organiser of the event wore the specially designed charity t-shirt by vivienne westwood.

the vivienne westwood "fashion for relief - haiti" unisex charity t-shirt retails for £40 and is available online here. it's only available for a limited time.

all the clothes from the show will be auctioned off from march 15th. i'll definitely keep a lookout.

pictures credit: getty images



  1. Your blog makes me drool, I love coming to it on the daily. Keep up the good work. :)

  2. This Ronnie Corbett is pimp as hell, that 1st outfit is ON POINT.. the shirt is funny, I will try to do a little thing on it on my designer t-shirt blog...

  3. I love your blog, I check it daily - however, for starters, the effortlessly stylish Ronnie Corbet isn't a 'comedienne' on account of him being a man...

    Secondly, if you feature that lying, thieving freeloader Piers Morgan again, I'll be deleting your URL from my favourites...

    Which would be a shame as yours is one of the best fashion blogs out there.

  4. anon: thanks for spotting, i changed it to "comedian"!

    oh, what have piers done??

  5. Little Britain represent!

  6. Did I miss the reason you're now using these hand-noted pictures and post-it notes updates?

    It seems kind of weird for such a trend to come from you, as you're in my top 10 fashion blogs not just for your taste in clothes, but the great editorials you've done.

  7. did you just invest in photoshop?..what's with all the stupid graphics

  8. Hate to say this because I know it's for a good cause... but that westwood tshirt looks ridiculous, especially on a guy

  9. Hello i rushed out to westfield shopping centre to buy a haiti t shirt by vivian westwood and was really dissapointed. As a man i could never wear a tshirt with womans boobs no matter what the charity.

    Why on earth vivian westwood couldnt of made one for woman and one for men that everyone could wear.

  10. I LOOOOVVEEE that double breasted blazer. I'm obsessed with nautical and short legged 50's shorts atm. for example.

    Oh and anything you post on here I fall in love with too.

  11. who is this ronnie corbett character and why have I not heard of him?? He looks hilarious and slightly amazing.

  12. The photos are very cute. All in the photos are gorgeous. It looks that they are having fun. There fashion is adorable. I love them.


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