Wednesday, 10 March 2010

it seems like everything has happened but nothing actually has

the blog hasn't been updated as regularly for the past 2 weeks. it was a combination of factors: not much happening on the menswear front, the fashion world was fixated on the womenwear shows and who wore what at the oscars, me busy googling why the french vogue team and the house of balenciaga had a fall out, and perhaps a leaning factor: the fire and passion to update this blog has died down.

sometimes i ask myself, why am i doing this? it started off as a passion, a past time. because most of my friends doesn't get it when i talk enthusiastically about the brilliance and vision of ghesquiere, the resurrection of gucci by ford and de sole and why the end of the licensing deals in the 90s matter, why we should scratch beyond the surface for vuitton's reportedly 20% increase in sales, why it is ok to lust after a pair of john lobbs or a pair of hand made northampton shoes. and so the blog was created, to initially document those inane thoughts and unnecessary wants in life.

and things get a little complicated as the blog grew. it's becoming a cult read and i am happy with the steady increase in readership numbers. there was a bloggers boom and fashion PRs took notice. you get sent press releases and you get the warm fuzzy feeling that you feel "included". but i've seen blogs that rehash everything that was written on the press releases, blogs that posts every single press release. and you have to ask yourself why are you doing this? i did some of that admittedly. but why? to get into good books, to get recognition as a person, to please?

so why?

i remembered it was an absolute thrill to attend the menswear shows in milan. probably one of the first few bloggers to do so. i was starry eyed, smiley, green, gullible. i remembered telling myself it was a once in a lifetime experience to fly myself to milan because it's such an exclusive experience. and the second time round, i was invited to more shows, rushing from east to west, showrooms, appointments, backstages, air kisses, cab rides, feeling all chi-chi and making myself look all important.

but why?

i was really exhausted by the end of the trip, and i ask myself why i wasn't enjoying it. i thought only a selected few were going to the shows, but turns out every tom, dick and harry received an invite (hey let's send a mass email out to all the bloggers and see who might come. it's free publicity for us right? so the more the merrier). or worst, when tom, dick and harry got the invite but me. i take pride in my blog, i spend time and effort on it, granted there are better ones out there, but i try to make it one where i as a reader would like to read daily. i don't spend all those late nights updating the blog only to be greeted at the shows "which publication are you from? oh all bloggers on 4th row please". i don't want to be "all others".

but why? i don't even do this for a living.

i have no intention to become an editor or a journalist so i don't know where all these ego tripping and resentment come from. and i ask myself if i should really continue since most of what i blog are syndicated content. i try to use as much of my own pics as possible, and to really continue with the blog this has to be the direction. because the blogs i love reading mostly uses their own pics and are largely original.

the blog was created about 2 years ago, at a time where fashion blogging was at it's infancy. then we witnessed a boom about a year ago, and bloggers started getting recognition. we all love pics from the sartorialist, and now everyone wants to be a street style photographer. there are already murmurs and laments about the sheer number of them outside the shows, and some don't stop and pose anymore. and with every tom, dick and harry now becoming bloggers, i see a revolt coming soon. might as well get out on a high?

i use to love going round to the shops to check out what's new, but even that feels tiring now. as you get closer to the action, you see what's happening behind the scenes. fashion is really for the elitist, for those with double barrelled names, for those wafer thin with above average good looks. mere mortals, consume fashion. and it is sad that it is the overwhelmingly large majority of these mere mortals and their consumerism that keeps that elitism alive. and without the last two attributes for fashion, i try to be an elite member of society, that's what we do right? to constantly better ourselves. but no matter how hard i try, i still feel excluded. ok that last point relates to life in general, not just blogging.

or maybe i just tried too hard.

so you see, what started as a very pure and simple project, now becomes somewhat complicated. it's not as if my day job outside of fashion isn't stressful enough. it seems like everything has happened but nothing actually has.

so much or so little to think about while i embark on my 2 week vacation out in the sun, if i could find the reason to continue with the blog and if so, what changes to be made. but for now, i don't really want the blog to be in a state of neglect, so i scheduled a few posts with some of my favourite pics, some not posted before and others which i feel deserve a 2nd or 3rd look.

and at some point during the next week, the blog will achieve it's 1,500,000th page view. maybe small as compared to most of the big boys out there, maybe a celebration of mediocrity. but i take pride in what i've done so far, and i really appreciate the continued support.

so thanks, and so long for now.


  1. i've actually loved your posts very much && do hope that you continue blogging! they're informative, yet there's personality in each of them!

    keep up the good job!

  2. Having been reading since very early on (and won a competition of yours a while back!) I have to say I have always loved your posts and the way you personalise topics that all fashion bloggers seem to cover quite generically. It has been noticeable of late though, that your posts have been missing something, a bit of heart perhaps. That isn't criticism, I guess it reflects the comments you make in this post. Whatever you decide to do, remember your happiness is paramount.

  3. please don't do a lee mcqueen on us. you sound very uninspired. had sex lately? might perk you up a little.


  4. I remember when I first started reading your blog, back in august of 2008, and made my first comment on your tobago carryall entry. Since that time I was hooked because you were original. You were fashionable. You know good clothes. You know good shoes. You know good bags. And as time went by, your blog was not only about clothes, shoes and bags. It has meat. It has illustrious moments. It has personality. It has insights. Great ones at that. You're probably one of the few blogs out there I check out several times a day to see an update. And when twitter came, I would wait for your tweet update 'cause I know a new one is up. So what I'm saying is... I hope I'd keep on refreshing your blog several times a day. I hope I'd see that twitter update. I hope that at least for a small-time reader like me, you could still write about your favorite clothes, shoes and bags, share your insight and illuminate me with your graphs, charts and analyses. Because I know that there are many loyal readers out there who you inspire, engage and enable. And you should really be proud.

    Have a great time in Singapore and Bali! Safe travels.


  5. Do hope you carry on blogging. I'm a relative new comer to the blog but love it. You have a unique and warmly personable approach that I for one would miss!

  6. Joe,

    If this is the end, you can be very proud of what you have achieved. So much of what we love about menswear is obscured and distorted by commercial interests. It is the way of the world. Your perspective was that of the enthusiastic, informed viewer and consumer. Looking behing the curtain, but also enjoying the magic.
    Enjoy your break, and whatever you decide, best of luck.


  7. For what it's worth: I love your blog.

    We definately don't share the same style, but I share your passion. You're a clever young man, and it's always a delight to read your posts. Your blog is a nice counterbalance to all the airheads out there.

    Enjoy your holiday.

  8. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog over the past year and a half. You have impeccable taste in looking at a collection and picking the few pieces that really stand out, and although i do not read it every day, i definitely try to read it at least once a week. i really hope you will continue to blog even if not as frequently as you have before. Ive found some amazing things through the site( artcurial hermes auction, discovered oki-ni through your blog and now purchase something weekly)

  9. Only a very selected few from the whole bunch in my GReader deserve a click/actual visit to their blog. You're one of them. So you are obviously doing sth right. And you do it for us. And that's nice, innit? :)

    Have a great time&write back when you get there! ;)

  10. Hey Joe,

    sometimes we do get burnouts from things we so passionately care about. So hope the holiday will make a difference and free your mind to pursue new directions on your blog.

    Have a good flight! Let me know if you are free to catch up for coffee:-) Welcome to Singapore in advance!


  11. I have five fashion links I go to every day, and it's yours and The Sartorialist that are the ones I really look forward to reading.

    I don't really do the whole blog commenting thing, but I thought I'd try it out to say that I hope you keep it up, as your posts are a pleasure to read!

  12. I still regard your blog very highly and distinctive, with a stronger writing style than most and a better sense of direction. Thanks to you, i received my Neil Barrett leather foil vest of Luisa Viaroma yesterday, and I wouldn't have known about it otherwise!

    I completely see what you mean though, i've recently been in touch a lot more with the industry after doing internships and making contacts in order to gain commissions. The more i'm in touch with the industry, the more I lose faith with the appeal of it all. Bitchy industry insiders and the sheer ferocity of it all make me wonder if it really is all misery, free favours, snotty west end c*nts and exclusion, and if i really am cut out for basing my future career on it. I'm glad you wrote about this, and I honestly hope it doesn't kill your blog off

  13. I really like your blog and absolutely loved this post. It's so insightful and forward-thinking. You touched on some great points especially about bloggers becoming a commodity.

    Lately, I feel you have been trying too hard to make your blog "cool" or "avant-garde." I enjoyed reading the posts you wrote before this year on the things you liked, why you liked them, and all the pictures of the things you bought. I wish you can bring that back more. Good luck!

  14. I'll write in french because i'ts my mother's tongue and i'm sure that i'll tell all that i want without mistakes.

    Je vous ai envoyé un tweet tout à l'heure pour savoir si vous alliez bien car cela faisait un moment que je ne vous avais pas lu. Ni ici sur votre blog, ni même sur twitter. Je vois que mes peurs étaient fondées.

    Je ne sais pas si un témoignage comme l'a fait Mark sera utile, mais je le fais tout de même.

    Je vous suis depuis plus d'un an maintenant et vous avez toujours vu ou vécu les choses plus vite que les autres bloggeurs (je me rappele notamment votre article à propos du devenir des bloggeurs de mode et la sphère mode en général).

    Ce passage à vide s'explique en partie par votre personnalité. Là où les autres continueraient sans réfléchir, vous vous arrêtez et pensez à votre passé, votre présent et votre futur. C'est extrèmement honnête et noble.

    Vous dites ne pas vouloir etre comme les autres, mais par ce post, par cette démarche de réflexion, vous prouvez déjà que vous n'êtes pas comme les autres.

    Votre blog est unique, car vous êtes unique.

    AUCUN autre blog de mode masculine ne saurait traiter les résultats financiers comme vous le faites.

    Je suis un peu confus car beaucoup d'idées me viennent en tete, mais sachez qu'il y a une place pour vous dans la blogosphère mode, que vous avez inspirez des gens de part le monde, mais vos sentiments et votre état d'esprit sont primordiaux.

    Ne baissez pas les bras, donnez vous une ligne de conduite par rapport aux médias, et faites vous plaisir sur votre blog.

    J'espère vous relire bientot.

    Translate with Yahoo Babel Fish. Excuse the mistakes :

    I sent u a tweet today to know if you are well because that made one moment that I had not read you. Neither here on your blog, nor even on twitter.
    I see that my fears were founded. I do not know if a testimony like Mark will be useful, but I do it all the same.

    I follow you since more than one year now and you always saw or lived the things more quickly than the other bloggeurs (I remember in particular your article about connection between bloggeurs of mode and the sphere mode in general).
    This bad patch s' explain partly by your personality. Where the others would continue without reflecting, you stop and think of your past, your present and your future. This is extremely honest and noble.
    You said that u do not want to be like the different ones, but by this post, this step of reflexion, you prove already that you are not like the others.
    Your blog is unique, because you are unique.

    NO other blog of male mode could treat the financial results as you it done.

    I am a little confused because much ideas come me at the head, but i want u to know that there is a place for you in the blogosphere mode, that you have inspired people worlwide, but your feelings and your state of spirit are paramount.

    Do not lower the arms, give a policy compared to the media, and made you pleasure on your blog.

    I hope to read again you soon.

  15. I think you already know what I'm going to say, but I'll just keep mum for now till we meet up in Singapore.

  16. When I first read your blog I´ve already started mu own, but in Portuguese because I realized that here in Brazil nobody talked about mens bag or like you say "the inane, frivolous and unnecessary wants in life"
    And since them your blog is one of my home page tabs! keep going!

  17. because this is your passion. a fleeting moment away from work. from reality. it is your escape to another world.

    your thoughts. your words. your musings. become escapes for readers themselves. and when your escape stops so do those who care.

    in any sense only stop when your escape, and hence our escape, stops too.

    this blog is my escape.

  18. Your blog is the only blog that I bookmarked.

  19. Je suis tout à fait d'accord avec Éclair au Chocolat. You are an inspiration.

  20. Miss the headless pic of yours. :) Revive that and safe travels.

  21. Happy holiday and hope to see much more meat on ur blog soon, bro :)

  22. I deleted a blog in a moment of frustration a few months back and I will probably regret it for years to come.

    No matter which fields we dabble in, there are always going to be times we ask ourselves why we are doing it.

    There are always going to be times we look at a bag and ask ourselves if we were mad to spend a grand on something which is nothing more than a piece of skin.

    Fashion may sometimes feel like it is just for the Peter Von Aschenberg the IV's of this world but remember that Gianni got his inspiration from the working girls he saw growing up.

    Some of the world's most powerful designers have gained their inspiration from the creativity of those with average looks and limited resources.

    The fashion industry doesn't only feed on the consumerism of mere mortals, it depends on it.

    And likewise, it depends on people like you who inspire people every day.

    It sounds to me as though you are exhausted and frustrated as opposed to excluded.

    I am sure that your passion will return eventually.

    Goodbye for now and good luck.

  23. I think you might just be disillusioned with the way that some people in this world are. I'm a graphic designer, and in the beginning, if I had a bad client, or an unappreciative one, or what have you, I would wonder to myself, "What's the point? I used to enjoy this." But then, I would find a client or someone who would really show their appreciation for what I do.

    I think you haven't received that appreciation, it may feel like that because we don't show that appreciation, but in my list of bookmarks, you're second over Valet, over GQ, cause I really love what you talk about. Just talking as a fan, I'll really miss you if you go.

  24. hey Joe-

    please don't stop blogging! i really enjoy your blog because there's YOU on every post. I feel as if I'm catching with a friend of mine every time I got thru the posts, I really do.

    Go on vacation and relax, and forget about this for a few days/weeks, and I'm pretty sure you'll come back inspired with new ideas. Just don't take this too seriously; it's actually good to know that you're not another self-absorbed blogger who wants to become the next Anna Wintour.

    Have a great time!


  25. You should do what you love. Its better to leave when you are at your top. There are too many blogs right now. You've done it this long, maybe its time your followed your other passions. Write a book, become a menswear designer (ready to wear or accessories). Blogging takes to much energy I know. I use to be you. There is so much one can only go with fashion blogging. The long nights, the effort it takes to come up with blog entries, the toll it takes on ones appearance (bag eyes), everyone telling you, you look tired and all for what. It was fun while it lasted. I think its better to be a consumer rather than a elitists. Buy what you like, there is no need to blog about it. Make more time for yourself. Life is too short to be wasted on doing something you are truly not passionate about anymore. Most of these commentators don't get it. No matter how much you bore your heart out to them. They will never understand. Just look at what they write. Just remember life is too short.

  26. It is all about the ride and I am hopeful that your journey will continue, wherever that may be and I am sure that your readers will be there for you.

    I was inspired by your blog to create my own and I sincerely thank you for that. I realize that the direction you may take will change from time to time and that is to be commended. This format is all about your personality and your thoughts. This unique form of communication is the most personal type of journalism and exposes the writer to many elements, both welcome and unwelcome.

    My advice is don't worry about the fashion press at large and please do not be concerned with fashion show invites or the communiques of Luxury brands. To me, that is not what a blog is about. It is about your views and opinions and most of all your taste.

    The elitism of the fashion industry is being torn down precisely by blogs like yours!

    I sincerely believe something will inspire you soon and I will be here to read all about it.

  27. I started reading your blog last fall and I could not stop ever since... I don't know much about fashion but I enjoy reading your blog (i am a graphic designer from Hong Kong).
    Trust me, there are people out there who appreciate your work!

    Keep it up!!!!!

  28. Dear Joe,

    Please continue blogging. I'm an eager eyed 20 year old in NYC and you are one of the major reasons I have begun to pursue my interest in fashion. I moved out here from a small town in California after following your blog from the very beginning just to get a taste of what you have in London. What I really admire is your precise and particular sense of style. While I groveled and drooled over many of the same items of clothes, you taught me it's all about having your own distinct point of view when it comes to style.

    While I can ramble on forever about why your blog has and will always be relevant [to me at least], I just wanted to let you know that what you do is special and no other blog has quite made that personal connection with me as yours has.

    Have a GREAT vacation,

  29. I agree with Alex on the new "format" of your recent blogs.

    Your blogs are really insightful, it's not just about the new season's RTW, but it also has your profound thoughts in various aspects and knowledge that I can't find in other blogs. That's what I love about your blog. I was wondering why your blog hasn't been updated recently as I frequently check it every single day. Bookmarked too.

    I'd like you to know that there are lots of avid readers out there. Things take time and I hope you will continue doing what you love :)

  30. Why? Because you have loyal readers (me at least) who regard your blog as the best men's fashion blog out there.

    End of the day, your achievement that matters the most, is intangible - endless readers who reads your blog religiously gets so much joy and knowledge from it. Think of you having the privilege of having power to reach mass audience from just the tip of your fingertips.

    Apart from that, your writing skill is extremely entertaining and not only do I get joys from fashion updates you put up, i also enjoy tremendously on how immaculate every wise, witty words are being selectively chosen to be used in your blog. This to me, is a representative of who you as a person is and is far more important that being regarded as "4th row blog seater" by the industry.

    Anyway, hope this gives you a little bit more motivation to blog more!.

    Victor Ting

  31. you were the first blog i started to read, and you are the only one that i'm still reading.
    Needless to say anything more

  32. Perhaps by the time you read this, my comment will be lost in a see of comments of begs and pleas.
    I found your blog by complete accident about a half a year ago and fell in love with it. While everyone was mainly showcasing women's fashion, you chose to focus on male fashion. Which to me was extremely refreshing. It is a rare treat to find someone with a lot of interest in men's fashion. Let alone a man who know's what to wear and what he likes.
    Most recently I've seen your blog change more into a blog for everyone, not a blog that felt tight and personal. So perhaps you should go back to the simple days of personalization. Screw what anyone has to say and do what you want. (Even if it means shutting the blog down.) Whatever you choose to do, at least know that one 17 year old reader, in a dusty corner of Los Angeles, cares.

    P.S. Because of you, I now make more regular stops at my nearest H&M. :)

  33. I hear you, Joe.

    I've been a follower even before you were "famous". I love your way with words. Tight, compact, but easily digestible.

    I also love your modeling pics, your financial analysis, and your insights about shopping, branding, luxury, and all of that.

    I wish you a lovely vacation. Take pics.

    - Allan

  34. Perhaps by the time you read this, my comment will be lost in a see of comments of begs and pleas.
    I found your blog by complete accident about a half a year ago and fell in love with it. While everyone was mainly showcasing women's fashion, you chose to focus on male fashion. Which to me was extremely refreshing. It is a rare treat to find someone with a lot of interest in men's fashion. Let alone a man who know's what to wear and what he likes.
    Most recently I've seen your blog change more into a blog for everyone, not a blog that felt tight and personal. So perhaps you should go back to the simple days of personalization. Screw what anyone has to say and do what you want. (Even if it means shutting the blog down.) Whatever you choose to do, at least know that one 17 year old reader, in a dusty corner of Los Angeles, cares.

    P.S. Because of you, I now make more regular stops at my nearest H&M. :)

  35. I just have to join others and say that your blog is the only one I read daily and it's actually bookmarked on the starting page of my Firefox. And though I completely understand your point it will be very sad to know that from now on I won't have the pleasure to read your posts anymore

  36. Shout out that I enjoy your blog and that your efforts are not lost in the big cyberspace- rest assured!

  37. joe, do you remember the first time i posted a comment on your blog about your black balenciaga pea coat and asked if you would post some pictures of yourself wearing it. and even though it was the middle of summer you obliged and took some pictures and posted them in a post entitled "for parth". well, what i wanted to tell you is that, that made me really really happy. and made me feel special. and i have checked your blog every single day since then. and sometimes reading your blog just makes me really happy. like when you did this whole write up about goyard luggage, or when you talked about a watch you were thinking of buying. those kinds of posts were your best. if going to the shows and the previews and the parties is too tiresome / depressing / whatever, then don't. because honestly thats not what your oldest readers like the best about your blog. i understand what you are saying about materialism and elitism. and you can escape all that and still love fashion and blogging. your blog is a celebration of beauty. and life. and you can get back to that. shut all the noise out and do what you love the best. get back to basics and your core ideals. you'll be fine. you need a nice vacation which i hope you enjoy. be safe. and also do you know how many people were genuinely worried for you when you didn't post for a few days! you are a lovely person, and you'll be fine. xxx.

  38. It is really hard to find the words to explain something you havent been aware of, or somtehing i just realize with this last post, and it is harder when it is in other language so i´ll try..

    im from Mexico, and i am very proud of being mexican, but as yourself upthere.. it is really hard to getting understood when you are having a passion for something that not everyone gets.. and i tink it is harder in a country where nobody cares about it.. iv been serchind on the net for places to get informed to be updated about this industry, ive been in a lot of pages, so accidentaly i stood in front of your blog, about a year ago.. and it was BRILLIANT, i dont really know what is it with the way you post or the way you present the clothes, that is just BRILLIANT, maybe the funny comments, or the smart way of putting it.. it was such a delight to got into your blog every morning and read and see.. and suddenly or as the days went by.. you finished on the only blog i care about.

    this last thing it is really weird as costumer.. or in the correct way as a reader.. you keep asking for more and more and more.. and sometimes we all get i little bit greedy about it.. and we forget about the person in the other side.. so what i am trying to say that if i have to wait a week to read another of the brilliant things you have to say about fashion, it would be worth it.. because thanks to you ive learned a lot, i was able to go over some of my limits and try to make a personal style, i really have to thank you a lot beacuse in some way you have been sort of a role model..

    So.. it was obvious the passion that you keep on this.. i personally would like to keep seeing and reading what you have to say.. so keep up.. dont give up.. enjoy your vacation.. and ill be waiting anxiously for the next post..

  39. How ironic!

    The post which elucidates the unfortunate deterioration of your blog in recent times is in fact one of your best posts.

    I hope your next post is as insightful as this one, I really do.

    I can already see a pattern in the comments. Fuck the shows fuck the elitism and fuck the pretence. Blog how you used to and you will be back to your usual chirpy self in no time.

    And ffs show me your face.

    Oh this blog is my homepage!

  40. i love your blog very much. But, just do what you like to do in life is the most important. Unlike a job, there is no point to keep doing it if you personally don't like or enjoy it. Blogging is supposed to be fun for a blogger and the readers....

  41. i don't know if an anonymous means anything to you, but i am an avid blog reader and i cannot fathom how much i appreciate your blog. I follow in a day up to 10 to 15 blogs and i'd like you to know that yours is only one who gets at least 2 to 3 checks a day from me at work and at home. I have followed your blog religiously for 2 years and i revel at every post and love both your taste and your intriguing sensibility for classy amusement. You mention "trying" to be an elite member of society, but what you don't realize is, to many of us, you already are.
    ps. I'm still wondering if your trousers from that vintage hermes post far back are still up for purchasing.

  42. this is the best post on a fashion blog I've ever read in this short time checking fashion blogs, mags, other channels and getting passionate for it.

    Information is in the air. You can google whatever you want but a reading a blog from a fashion Blogger its so different that just get informed. From the thousands of post I get on my reader daily your blog its one of the first I want to check or when I am out of time I try to check it to get something good on my mind fort the rest of the day.

    Just want to tell you dont give on something you love and do so good.

    Manizales, Colombia

  43. I bought the Hermes "Un Jardin Apres La Mousson" scent because of you. Because I like your taste and your voice. Please stay! Just keep the blog and post when you feel like it.

  44. Hey Joe,

    Hope your soon reignite the fire for your blogging here, perhaps after your vacation.For all its worth, you have clearly touched the lives of your readers in many special ways.

    You last post seemed to to me a veiled goodbye, but pray you would soon regain your fire for blogging. I sorely missed you for the past two weeks like a boyfriend. hahahaha.

  45. Your blog is not a by product that has trickled down threw the "thin and elite" to get to the reader. In fact you are quite the opposite.

    I started my own menswear lable a year ago with my menswear brand with my two brothers. It is because of your blog that gets us excited about what men are wearing and thinking. It is because of your blog that translates into our designs that makes us think about what a well dressed man wants to wear and wants to feel. It is because of your blog and your insight that in only under 1 year we are now selling in Saks Fith, Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols amongst others. Our brand has outsold so many other lables that have been around for decades. This is because of the design, fabric partyly yes. But we sell because we understand what they want and yearn, and how do we understand....its threw blogs like yours.

    Dont question "why" when you should already know that we are all linked in this industry and that a few words on an independant blog manages to translate a small indipendant menswear brand into a bigger future.

    I really hope you dnt stop, and i really hope you continue being excited and remember why you started the blog in the beginning.

    Warmest regards and all the best.


  46. Bittersweet albeit insightful post, and I do hope that you keep on blogging...the last two verses of If by Kipling come to mind. Happy holidays :-)

    If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
    And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word about your loss;
    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: 'Hold on!'

    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    ' Or walk with Kings - nor lose the common touch,
    if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much;
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
    And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!

  47. You must be nuts. Are you impervious to the fact that there are people wanting,waiting,learning and the same time get inspired and also amused. Who cares about the fashion elite, who cares about you being a 4th row-seater, who really cares those in fashion with double-barreled names - seriously we do not and we could care. So you choose, either you keep us wanting,waiting,learning,inspired and amused or you continue to keep us wanting,waiting,learning,inspired and amused.

  48. please dont leave und keep up this gorgeous blog! im reading it daily from munich checking for updates at least 3 times a day! its the best blog ive ever seen!

    p-l-e-a-s-e dont stop the great job!

  49. i will still check your blog everyday to see if you have changed your mind.

  50. Your blog has been getting me through my own personal slump. I am from San Francisco and fell in love with fashion 2 years ago. I started reading your blog and became so excited about how FUN fashion is that I constantly went shopping just to try on clothes and experiment with styles. When I saw your blog, it was nice to know that I'm not weird for being a male interested in fashion. Recently, i've moved to Louisiana where there is no h&m or zara!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing keeping me sane out here is living vicariously through your blog and online shopping through Topman! The other day, I was teaching students in NEW ORLEANS about blogging, and, I used your website as my example. In my presentation I made the commentary that blogging is about chasing your passions and having the ability to do what you love. You truly inspire me and from what I can tell from the other comments, you really mean a lot to these people. Without you, how am I going to be able to keep up on what I have come to love as "male fashion". I've always wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your ideas, I'm sorry I waited until know to make my first comment. You have positively impacted my life and I hope to have the opportunity to keep living vicarously through you. Know of any bigshots willing to open h&m and zara in new orleans?

  51. I also want to add...the other day I came to the realization that Scott Schuman of the sartorialist comes off as vain and as an elitist. I think one of the reasons I relate so well to your writings is because you share my enthusiasm for should be fun, bold, daring, and represent your interests--which are qualities that I think you definetly encourage. I found myself full of emotions because I really want to express how much you affected my life. Before reading your blog I felt like I was really weird for being a male into fashion. But from reading your blog I came to realize that I am just a male that loves fashion! It's difficult to express these emotions in online commentary...but I hope that I am at least making my point that you are very much appreciated. You are definetly a source of inspiration for me!

  52. i love your photos! the ones you take which detail the various little things in your life. please don't stop posting those!

  53. i honestly love your blog and its one those blogs i check out almost or everyday to see if there's something new. your post are interesting and original and you definitely have really good tastes on clothes and stuff. i just really wanna say that you should continue what you're doing cuz its pretty awesome stuff what you blog!!!

  54. love u lots xoxo

  55. I began reading your blog only a week ago. I really like it, and I hope that you continue blogging. Advice? Be true to yourself. Write about what you like, what you don't. Ignore press releases. Just write for yourself, after all it is what made your blog famous. I recently started a blog, and have found myself doubting if I should continue posting. But I continue to post. Can't Stop, Won't Stop.

  56. Joe - you better be wary. Your readers' will mount a protest if you ever shuts your blog down.
    You cannot take this away from us - it's criminal. This pleasure, this joy, this inspiration,this knowledge is for us - the common people.We don't want just any blog, we WANT yours!!

  57. Hey! Having been a reader since early on I have to say I used to love your posts, the way you'd sneak into changing rooms in Zara and H&M to uncover and share some cheap treasure; the way you'd take a snap of what you'd be wearing on a sunny afternoon. As time went by I feel you've lost that passionate feeling and replaced a very personal view with trips to showrooms that left me cold. Those pushy posts on Trussardi, Mr Hare, JL... It's not criticism, it's just that it doesn't feel like your heart is in it anymore, feels like your doing a job, routine.
    Whatever you decide to do in the future, thanks for good moments.

  58. I know how you feel. Blogs can start as a side kick, just for fun, something to do on your free time, and suddenly you're very popular and it's over-demanding, almost feels like a job without getting a paycheck (my personal experience is from my previous blog).
    I will say that this is my favorite fashion blog, and I hope you'd find the right balance again..

  59. I like your blog, well not all times but i think at some point we all disagree in our tastes right, I wish you continue because you are one the picks I go daily to see what's going out there, every job or experience is like a operating system and we need to make ¨Updates¨ here or there sometimes because is easy to get infected of viruses, I guess my point is this is for you and whoever likes to read it, nothing else matters. period.

  60. Joe,

    I have been following your blog since 6 months ago and never fail to check it everyday. This is the first time I wanna leave a note for you.

    All I wanna say is, just follow your heart. There are many people out here who really appreciate you. But I believe right now, it's the ugly side of blogging that makes it feel more like a duty. It's a pity if you choose not to update anymore, but I really hope you can rediscover the passion to share with us new things you have bought and on your wishlist :)

    Thanks again for all your posts and take time out to think~

    Tobi from Singapore

  61. everything has happened
    nothing has changed


what's he wearing?