Thursday, 22 April 2010

Gucci Icon temporary store - London

the third stop in the gucci icon pop up store series, after new york and miami, finally made it's way to london. the store opens today in covent garden for 2 weeks, and it stocks a series of sneakers made specially for the travelling pop up stores, and 2 designs exclusive to london. at yesterday's opening party, host mark ronson went matchy matchy, and wore a pair of the sneakers exclusive to the london pop up store. i actually rather like the matchy matchy styling, and i really like his shirt. really like it.

model douglas booth attended the event, also in a pair of the icon sneakers made specially for the pop up stores. it's actually one of my favourites from this series. it appeared to be white monogram neoprene with blue croc-effect leather. sure it looked like any other pair of vans shoes, but there's something about it that i really like. and i really like his overall styling, laidback but stylish.

i have to make time to visit the pop up store.

pic credits: getty images / gucci



  1. I'm so happy you're blogging regularly again. So, so, SO happy!


  2. The entire outfit of Douglas is amazing.. i love the pants.. the blazer.. and the shoes!! ohh the shoes!!.. i love love love!!

  3. Anybody know how much the slip-ons are?

    I'm guessing more then they should be...

    Like 400 quid...

  4. OMG~!! The Polka Dots shoes is so cute~! I want one of those >_<

  5. I have a serious problem with Gucci!
    Whereas somes Brands makes things more and more Luxurious..with Gucci, it's like a Serious TRASH BAG!It's just not exciting!
    Topman & Zara seems more luxurious than that...Sorry's not for me(for the moment..because FW10/11..will be fun!!!)

  6. the slip-ons are one of the most expensive among the whole collection for london by mark. and this is mainly because the back portion of the shoes is made of genuine crocodile and not just mock croc. it is very nice. the price is ard definitely above 500.

  7. I take issue with high end labels having a dabble in the trainer market. They may use high end fabrics and leathers but they never excite like those whom have been in the market for years! I too am liking the 2nd blazer alot though!

    Yours Truly


  8. Checked out the store today.

    Nothing under 400 quid and nothing that really caught my eye at all.


  9. Very awesome matching with boots and shirt, its totally look fashionable and also feel fabulous.

  10. What a stylish matching! all the things look great. Nice shoes, nice bag, nice every thing. I really like it.


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