Saturday, 17 April 2010

leica m8, m8.2, m9

leica m9 / pic credit: gadgetcrave

i've been thinking about it for a long time, i've been trawling web reviews. i really want the leica m8, m8.2 or dare i even say m9. my first and only digital camera, which i bring everywhere with me now, is the leica d-lux3.

my dad told me last week he bought a new canon dslr with all the bells and whistles, and it came to the same price as what i paid for my leica d-lux3 (point & shoot) two years ago. leica cameras ain't cheap, but the m series cameras are way less bulky than a dslr and i really love the creamy dreamy feel of the photos. i really would like a digital camera with a range finder. talking about bulkiness: camera above was attached with a bazooka lens but most uses lens half that size

it took me a long time to be converted from film cameras. i love my russian film camera, the super cool lomo kompakt automat, but the increasing cost of film processing led me to explore the options of digital cameras. and that's how i met my current leica, not the perfect substitute for my lomo lc-a, but a new love. and of course it is all about the stunning exteriors of leica cameras. that vintage retro feeling. the leica m8 retails for about £2,500 upwards. m8.2 about £3,500+ and m9 about £5,000. and then there's lens attachment too.

i want a nice watch, i want a leica camera, i want a roof over my head. so many things in life, so little time. my heart is telling me to get the camera, the watch next year. the house, well that can wait a little longer.

they say to make a man bankrupt, you just have to buy him a camera. i can tell you it is true.

leica m8 / pic credit: steve huff



  1. its so uncanny that you should write a post about leica cameras because just yesterday, i was doing some research on which way to go with a camera. do you have any advice for me? i am an amateur but i love taking photographs of anything beautiful that i pass and want to remember. do you recommend the d lux 3 as a good starting out camera? anywhere i could look to get a better idea? thanks in advance and also welcome back. its great to have you around again.

  2. I think it's excellent you're back on top form 5-0!

    Leicas are beautiful and they take beautiful images too. I personally think watches are almost ceremonial purchases. They should be bought to commemorate certain occassions and whatnot.

    So, I think you should buy the camera now and wait until a momentous moment in you life to buy the watch. Be that next year, or in 5 years.

  3. You may want to consider trying out the micro four thirds range by panasonic and olympus.
    I'm considering purchasing the panasonic gf1 with its 20mm f1.7 pancake lens far more affordable than the leicas and just as portable.

    If your going for looks the olympus e-p1 and e-p2 look far better and are built alot better but are a bit pricier, they don't come with flash unlike the panasonic.
    Oh and just so you know these don't come with viewfinder built in. However there are viewfinder attachments.

  4. Hi, I found your blog today as I was googling bottega veneta. I really like it, so I added it to my blogpage. Hope you don't mind.
    Big Leica fan. Used to have one as a kid (still bummend I have lost it).
    All the best!

  5. I am a professional, and I can absolutely recommend the Panasonic GF1. As a fashion victim, you really must go the extra mile and get a few extra trimmings: I got the digital viewfinder that fits on the hot shoe, a Contax lens shade that fits on the 20mm pancake lens, and to top it all off I ordered a custom leather case made by a Japanese craftsman and then VOILA !! You too can sling a camera every bit as sexy as a Leica for under 1000 GBP

  6. u just be careful! cos me coming to your come and trying to steal that! i love leica! post pictures! its an order

  7. Damn that Leica. They make cameras this sexy that I could only think of robbing a bank. You should stop with all these camera 'photo-shoots' as they drive men(me) up the wall.

  8. I want one!! if only they were "affordable"
    xo The Recessionista

  9. Nothing snappier than having a beautiful camera with you for those moments you want to freeze in time.
    snappy x


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