Monday, 12 April 2010

my new shoes: missoni x converse sneakers

it's finally here. after waiting for months since we saw the preview pics, i received a call from the boutique saying the shoes have finally arrived. if you've seen my twitter message, you would have probably guessed what i've bought. missoni and converse collaborated on this limited edition sneaker, where the body is made up of missoni's signature designs. comes in 2 colors, brown or blue.

the body/shape is made from the exact same specifications as that of converse/chuck taylor sneakers.

it was widely reported that the body of the sneaker was "printed" in missoni patterns. the body was actually made from weaved fabric and not printed canvas. i really like the shoes, so glad i managed to snag myself a pair.

i might have broken my own record by wearing new shoes on the same day it was bought.

and i wore my (only) other pair of converse houndstooth sneakers that day too.

i twittered this when i left the house earlier. ok, might need a little cleaning...

clever move by missoni, doing this collaboration with converse. we dropped by their shop to look at the shoes, and they got us to browse their latest spring 2010 collection too. and i couldn't resist, so i bought this polo-tshirt in dark blue zig-zag stripes, perfect for the coming summer months, and kind of matchy-matchy with my houndstooth sneakers. i wore my current favourite trousers: topman navy blue slim fitted chinos.

chilling, with my uniqlo green socks!

i was told that the missoni x converse collaboration will continue for a second series for fall winter 2010, one in black & white, and another in missoni's signature stripes. although i've not seen the pics, my name is down on their waiting list already.

love my new shoes.



  1. Mazels on the new shoes matey! The missoni print is so iconic and yet so simple - one of the best prints in my opinion (Pucci a close second)!!!

    I think I prefer the Houndstooth and what ever you do refrain from cleaning them...the tattier the better!

    Yours truly


  2. Hi1
    What brand is the polo-t shirt?
    I like it.

  3. anon: missoni. i bought it when i bought the shoes.

    WSWMLI: thank you :)

  4. *Swoon* Those Missoni X Converse are incredible!

    I am so jealous of your wardrobe! You have so many pieces I'd die to get my hands on. If you ever have any desire to let go of some pieces, I'd be more than happy to buy ;-)

    Cheers from Seattle,
    Emerald Dandy

  5. Hi!
    Where can I buy this T shirt?

  6. joseph, you are clicking again.

  7. Could you tell me where I can find pricing info/buy them online/order them over the phone?

  8. woow... that's so COOL.. i wonder will Malaysia converse brings this shoes to town?

  9. i'm so happy that you seem to be re-inspired and renewed from your vacation and posting more personable entries once again!

    not that your other entries were boring, it was just missing that spark that came from your reveals and style posts. keep it up, it's always a pleasure to read. and know that we all love to live vicariously through your generous shopping habit!

  10. I love the shoes! Welcome back the dressing room shots! Hurray:-P

  11. is it the cutting of the fitted polo or you've grown skinnier? But lurve the crazy prints!

  12. I love your shoes!

    and it's nice to see you're back to regular programming. :-)

  13. I think both pairs are fantastic. Love how you photographed both too.

  14. love your pants! where from r they?

  15. Nice shoes…. Whether you are looking for comfortable leather shoes with flexible soles then you can find at Terrifis.

  16. they looks even better in actual pics. iWant! though i prefer the low cut Chucks.

  17. Would you know if they have the Missoni shoes for kids? Iconic yet asymmetrically simple. Looks great on small feet, you reckon?

  18. Love those houndstooth chuck taylors, those are great, where did you find them?

  19. where did u buy the houndstooth sneakers?i can't seem to find them anywhere but really want to buy them :)

  20. That polo shirt is sublime.

  21. Hi!
    Do you know, can I buy this polo-t shirt in London??

  22. thanks guys!

    for those that enquired: the polo tshirt is from missoni, available from their sloane street store. the trousers are from topman. the houndstooth sneakers are from ages ago, probably can't find them anywhere online now...

    thank you! :)

  23. the b&w zigzag printed polo short is so nice! i really like it. fits u perfectly! the whole look is effortlessly cool! :D

  24. Hey I was wonder how much are the missoni converse? and were can I buy them?


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