Thursday, 15 April 2010

my saturday night takeaway

last saturday, besides picking up my missoni x converse shoes and t-shirt, i also did some online shopping when i got home, terrible! i left the sloane street store and walked upwards to harvey nichols for a look see, tried on the tom ford sunglasses and couldn't get my mind off them. i don't change my sunglasses often (not much sun in london!), so i've pretty much stuck to my only pair of gucci aviators. yea shocking, my only other pair.

and so, i logged onto, and one thing led to another...

the tom ford "cary" has been on my wishlist on the right of the blog for quite a while. it's probably a take on the classic ray bans "wayfarer", but i really like the whole fit and feel. now i wish summer would come quicker so i can wear them often.

"cary" is probably not inspired by mariah, but by cary grant, the heart throb from the 50s.

pic credit: justjared

"cary" has also adorned the faces of kate bosworth...

pic credit: getty images

and nicholas hoult.

i also bought a distressed denim jacket from diesel black gold. this is my first ever denim jacket, and i actually first saw it at diesel's showroom back in september last year, and set my heart on it since. it fitted me nicely, and the jacket will only get better with age. loving it!

the jacket as seen on asos's model

a rather embarassing question though: there's this piece of sticker-like plastic stuck on the back of the jacket. i tried peeling it off but it wouldn't come off easily (you could probably see my attempt on the lower part). is that supposed to be part of the jacket or meant to be peeled off before wearing??

click here for diesel black gold's denim jacket if you're keen.

as seen on the asos model. he does seem to carry it off better. click here if you're interested.

and yes, i have new quilt covers for spring, from ikea!

ahhh l00o00ve.



  1. Love the tom fords and the cheery new bedding!:-P

  2. Looks like that thing on the jacket is meant to be there since it's visible on asos photos as well.

    I like Diesel BG but sometimes I just don't get their designs.

  3. Good haul there...

    I really like that hat - nice twist on all the straw tilby's around. For only £15 I may give it a shot... although I'm postive I'll look a complete berk in it.

  4. some excellent buys, love the bedsheets most though! what a brilliant combo in colour.

    ahah it looks like the detail on the jacket for hmmmmm confusing

  5. Grreat,

    now that that icelandic volacano has erupted, what we need is some canary yellow at home and sinister looking shades for the blinding british sunlight.


  6. I think it may supposed to be there, since I see it on the asos picture too. I've seen some pretty cool Diesel stuff, but after living in Miami, I'm pretty turned off by the Diesel brand.

    I like the discreet non-logo of Tom Ford sunglasses.

  7. Lovin' the loot! I've been thinking of buying Tom Ford sunglasses but haven't had the chance to fit them yet.

  8. seems like your blog gets better and do you find the time to be so meticulous?

  9. Hi!

    Really great blog! Follow it every day.

    By the way, I love the Tom Ford's. Hopefully the sun will arrive soon...

  10. Oh that was a shopping day! Love all ur new items. Especially the quilt cover.

  11. that hat is truely unique and summer fresh, with so much 'devendra banhart' charm to it. a great find always, thankyou for sharing

  12. this "sticker-like plastic" has to be there ;)

    it´s the black gold "logo", it´s also on black gold pants ;)

  13. I've tried too find the diesel denim jacket but without any luck, if you don't wear it much and may consider selling, please contact me at


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