Tuesday, 13 April 2010

the search for the watch

louis vuitton tambour orientation automatic watch / louisvuitton.com

they say you can tell a lot about a woman by the shoes she's wearing, the bag she's carrying. for me, the same could be said for guys: the watch, the cufflinks, the shoes. great accessories accentuate a simple outfit.

i've been on the lookout for a proper watch since summer last year. proper, being non frivolous, ideally non quartz, a grown up man's watch. and i've been swaying back and forth: how much i'm willing to spend/invest, what make, should i just put the money towards a house, should i invest the money in stocks, should i be sensible.

and getting the louis vuitton tambour orientation automatic watch just doesn't seem like a sensible thing to do. i tell myself to choose a watch from a proper watch maker, proper being from someone with a long established watch making history. but i don't think i can fault louis vuitton when it comes to watch making. lmvh owned tag heuer, zenith, hublot etc, there should be common knowledge and synergies. and i really believe, that the quantity of louis vuitton watches produced annually is lower than that of other established houses, purely because demand is lower.

and so i linger my thoughts, should i keep on searching. do i really like the louis vuitton tambour orientation, one that is so aesthetically beautiful with the pairing of blue watch face with brown alligator strap. do i really like the inbuilt complication where one can estimate the directions anywhere in the world (is that a glorified term for a compass?). because life's an adventure, life's living for the moment, a watch completes the journey with you.

i love. may not be a sensible option, but i've never been the sensible one.



  1. Its a great find but I would like to see you in something more vintage! With a smaller face - Gold face with a worn black croc strap!

    I too have been on the lookout for a watch but failing miserably!

    Yours Truly


  2. I stopped wearing watches when I was around 15 years old, simply because my wrists are too tiny I'd get extra holes punched in the strap. Plus it's so warm in the Philippines my wrist just gets sweaty. I got tired of it.

    I am a casual dresser even in the office so no cuff links for me.

    So shoes it is. Good thing I love shoes. :-)

  3. I'm not into watches, but this Louis Vuitton is gorgeous. My advice? Keep searching and if u don't find another better than the LV, then u know what u've to do.

  4. My advice...

    Don't buy the LV.

    Get a watch from an accomplished and well-established watchmaker because you can spend thousands and still only end up with a 'fashion watch' which won't keep time as accurately as a watch with a proper movement.

    Granted, the LV may have a nice movement, but it doesn't have the prestige or the prominence of certain other manufacturers, such as Omega, Rolex (debatable), jaiger, patek, cartier etc.

    I personally have a penchant for Panerai.

  5. I strongly suggest you NOT getting it. The reasons are:

    1) LV watches are a fashion thing, not long lasting
    2) Its not cheap but the movement is ETA quality
    3) LV watch value will depreciate and won't even retain its value
    4) LV is a Fashion house, not watch specialist

    If you spend this much on a watch, you expect to wear it for at least 10-20 years and its value should at least being retained. My suggest is ROLEX Sports series or PATEK PHILIPPE Nautilus/Calatrava series.

    Good luck

  6. oh pls stop throwing money into fashion watches that doesnt last and have no value whatsoever. It's like ordering beer from Starbucks or handbags from Jimmy Choo.

  7. a friend who's a watch collector/connoiseur says that fashion house watches such as Chanel, LV, Dior lose approximately 40% of their value upon re-sell.

    a good first luxury watch would probably be Panerai.

  8. What about an Arceau GM from Hermès? With brown dial it looks really nice.
    And you get such a nicer strap... the croc in havane looks stunning.


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