Monday, 19 April 2010

Spanish bullfighter Cayetano Rivera for Loewe

spanish bullfighter cayetano rivera with one of my favourite travelling bags: the loewe gold suede amazona weekender. i love this bag and have featured here quite a few times. i really can't fault it: the combination of the luscious gold suede with the dark brown handle and trims, the golden padlock, the discreet logo, and now showcased by a man. i herald the return of men in campaign pics. men, not boys.

the weekender just got a little more desirable.

p/s: it's pronounced "low-eh-vey". but don't ask me how to pronounce cayetano.

cayetano rivera for loewe spring 2010 /

muchas gracias señor, you can hand the bag over to me now.



  1. I think I want the bullfight vs the bag, the bag is fab but he's even more fab. :)


what's he wearing?