Tuesday, 13 April 2010

vintage hermès auction

parisian auction house "artcurial" will be holding their semi-annual "vintage hermès" auction on 11th may 2010 at hôtel marcel dassault, paris. i've always wanted to attend these auctions in person, to soak in the atmosphere, to people watch, and dare i to raise my hand. there aren't many pieces that caught my eye this time round, more bags and accessories for the ladies, maybe they are keeping some of the guy's stuff for their "gentleman's world" auction in june.

anyway, here are some of the auction pieces which i like, and might put in a bid:

hermès snow globe, estimated price: €20 - €30. i doubt they did this for sale in the shops, i think this should be a special gift for their privileged customers. frivolous, but 000o000 so pretty.

top: hermès open bangle in green lizard leather with golden brass bamboo, est €60 - €80
bottom: hermès open bangle in black lizard leather with golden brass bamboo, est €120 - €150

i'm not normally a fan of bangles and bracelets and all that jazz, i like my watch on my wrist, and that's it. however there's something about these 2 bangles that i really like, and want to wear them. there's slight oxidation on the piece in green, and the piece in black is in mint condition. both aren't perfect, but just like what you would discover from your grandparent's belongings stashed in the attic, or how it would appear in a vintage shop. i always believe guys should not be dripping in accessories, but vintage is excusable. it's like heirloom pieces, stories, voyage, memories.

both pieces are 6cm in diameter, i really like them, the piece in green in particular. i don't mind that it is tarnished, love that it is a little rough around the edges.

there's also another bangle in leather and metal, estimated at €30 - €40, but description was vague and "sold as is". from the picture, i suspect one end might have chipped. it's a flawed beauty, and great if worn together with one of the lizard cuffs above.

there aren't many manbags to ogle from this auction, but i do like this well battered trunk/case, estimated at €400 - €600. we can get a similar looking one from flea markets for about €20, but i bet the construction on the hermès piece is immaculate.

i bought a vintage belt buckle from one of their previous auctions. i really love the whole feel and look of it. i hope to acquire a few more vintage hermès pieces, might just wait for their next "gentleman's world" auction in june.

click here to view all 712 vintage hermès pieces that will be auctioned off on 11th may. a note to those interested in online bidding: you need to register at least a few days in advance of auction date. and factor in an additional 50% of auction price being fees and possible shipping charges if you're the winner bidder.

pics source: artcurial


  1. He's back!!!!

    Three posts this morning! It's like the good old days... so pleased you're blogging in earnest again.

    I'm sure I'm not alone in hoping you hit the high street soon and snap away at all the stuff you try on... I miss those posts.

  2. I want that Hérmes green lizard leather open bangle!!!



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